New Year Ritual

New Year Ritual

After you toast the new year with confetti, wine and shout,
assemble broom and sponge and mop to wash the old year out.
Let it know it’s finished. Make it abrogate that power
officially surrendered when clocks struck the midnight hour.

The most practical among you might find this act absurd,
but please suspend your disbelief and take me at my word.
What’s acted out in metaphor declares a second time
what was announced at midnight by the bell tower’s final chime.


Prompt words today are broom, sponge, absurd, abrogate and finish.

11 thoughts on “New Year Ritual

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Me too, Sam. Fingers crossed, as I’ve said countless times in the past. Just enjoy the positive and realize the negative is there in everything as well, but we need to learn not to let it rule us. That advice is for me. I keep reminding myself.

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  1. Mama Cormier

    This is a ritual in many Asian countries. I decided to give it a go this year. I did feel a sense of accomplishment and I’m managing to keep my house cleaner and tidier than I have in the past.



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