Bill of Rights for the Human Race

Bill of Rights For the Human Race

With this particular virus threatening the whole world,
in what particular variant will it be unfurled?
We dose ourselves repeatedly but what of those who don’t?
The threat seems constantly renewed thanks to those who won’t.
They will not see it’s provident that every person tries
to conquer our joint enemy before the whole world dies.
Human after human continues to spread spatters
as though the future of the world hardly even matters.
Unvaccinated and unmasked, they refuse to bend.
Where do the rights of others start and where do their rights end?

Prompt words today are spatter, whole, particular, provident and dose.

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My blog, which started out to be about overcoming grief, quickly grew into a blog about celebrating life. I post daily: poems, photographs, essays or stories. I've lived in countries all around the globe but have finally come to rest in Mexico, where I've lived since 2001. My books may be found on Amazon in Kindle and print format, my art in local Ajijic galleries. Hope to see you at my blog.

24 thoughts on “Bill of Rights for the Human Race

  1. Susan St.Pierre

    Your piece is well done according to the ubiquitous false narrative. Sorry but your facts aren’t real.
    Infections in highly vaccinated -highly masked- areas are rising faster than those with lower compliance. The vaccine isn’t stopping (a scientific hypothesis is shaping up to confirm vaxxed people are at higher risk from Omicron. No hard data there yet but something to watch.)
    Perhaps, you’re listening to the wrong ‘scientists’? But, blaming people who are unvaxxed for many, many, valid personal and medical reasons, is one way for the incurious to deal. Best wishes. ❤ {Deaths are centered around people with many comorbidities and the (government directed) withholding of early treatments.} The number of those who gets sick is not as important as knowing why those who die do. 😉


    1. lifelessons Post author

      There are reasons why things are labeled ubiquitous. I am not talking about those who for reasons of health cannot wear masks or get vaccinated. I am talking about those who stubbornly assert that their rights preceded the rights of others. I have a friend whose arm was broken because although she had her seat belt on, a friend in the backseat who insisted on his right not to wear one was thrown over the backseat during an accident and he broke her arm. I believe he went uninjured. I’m using this as an illustration of the fact that our decisions about ourselves influence others. The statistics actually show that the great prepoderance of those who die are unvaccinated. The vaccine does lessen the strength of the reaction but looks as though we are going to have to continue to be revaccinated forever if we don’t get the great swell of this disease within bounds.

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      1. Susan St.Pierre

        According to research and observation, masks are nearly useless to prevent this tiny virus. Most people don’t wear them correctly and cloth masks are absolutely not protective. So… looking like they’re helping and people helping, are different.
        I agree, people selfishly put others in danger on a daily basis and in many ways. The vaccine isn’t one of those things because 1) the vaccine carries certain known medical risks to the person getting it and possible long term medical risks yet to be determined. Those who get it are automatically ‘risking’. [Psst… the adverse effects aren’t being reported but they exist.]
        2) the vaccine does not stop the spread so taking the risk of the experimental vaccine isn’t about helping others, at all. [many scientists believe the vaccine, itself, is expediting the variants.} The vaccines offer a single spike protein that was useful with the first strain and somewhat with Delta but isn’t going to stop the Omicron because it has learned to use another method. {I know many vaxxed people with Covid}
        3) The vaccine may well reduce the depth of illness for the first two strains and Omicron is a very much weaker (safer) infection. So, getting it is more about personal protection and has nothing to do with protecting others.
        There are warnings about too many doses of the vaccine being a bigger danger than help. Be careful… do the research… stay safe.
        Safety involves a personal evaluation of risks vs benefits in every situation. Expecting others to have the same concerns/needs is quite arrogant. Not knowing about the actual science is dangerous too. That makes it possible for the arrogant to blame the innocent from ignorance.


  2. VJ Knutson

    Sorry to read the flak you have gotten from this post Judy. I agree we all need to do our part to keep the whole safe. My brother’s family all got COVID at Christmas. He was the only one boosted. He was also the only one not to get sick. His wife, said it was because she prayed to keep him safe.

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  3. Martha Kennedy

    The way I see this at this point we’re all going to get Covid. It’s a virus and it’s job is to infect people and mutate and mutate and mutate. It can’t do anything else. It’s what it is.

    If we’re vaccinated, if/when we get sick, our illness will very likely be less serious. As far as I’m concerned, that’s reason enough to be vaccinated. Add to that, we might be in the vicinity of someone who’s very vulnerable. I have friends who refuse the vaccine. Well, they’re not friends any more simply because I have asthma, and they clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about me. They can get on their high horse all they want about their “rights” etc. but my right to live trumps every other right of every other person everywhere on this planet. My job is to stay healthy. My second job is to be sure I don’t infect another person when it’s in my power not to. I will never understand how this is a matter of discussion. Having to learn how stupid and stubborn and self-satisfied so many of my fellow humans are? Very demoralizing but, strangely, not in the least alienating.


    1. Martha Kennedy

      P.S. A friend got Covid over Christmas. He was vaccinated and boostered. He was sick for about 2 weeks, less sick than he’s been with the flu. I think that is the point. It could have been a lot worse — he’s had nose surgery and doesn’t have the greatest air circulation system. If he had gotten full blown Covid he could have been in an already crowded hospital on a ventilator. As for masks? I don’t think anyone said they’ll keep you completely safe. I think the point is they reduce the number of aerosol particles that might reach you. It’s a crapshoot, but life is a crapshoot. I prefer to load the dice in my favor when possible.

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