What Are They? Answers

Harpo Marx’s sperm?

Yesterday I published photos of three objects and asked readers to guess what they were. There were some great answers. Go HERE to see the photos and funny (and sometimes correct) answers.

What they really were was 1. a cluster of thousands of Daddy Long Legs, banded together for protection and warmth. The blob was at least 14 inches long and 8 inches across and stuck out about 6 inches from the wall. When disturbed, they would all scatter, then cluster together again. Those hairy parts sticking out are actually their legs sticking out.  2. The second photo was a clear helium balloon with small LED lights wound around it on tiny wires. 3. The third were actual seeds from a Birds of Paradise flower. Surreal.  To see the answers folks gave to “What is it?” click on the link above. Thanks for all of you who played along by guessing.

If you want to see a video of the Daddy Long Legs from another year, go HERE. They are not, by the way, spiders.

3 thoughts on “What Are They? Answers

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    That is definitely bizarre and creepy, too. We’ve been watching a series of shows on “National Geographic” called “Planet Earth.” It stars Will Smith. If you have access to it, it has a lot of WOW moments in it. including that Will is 53 and looks like 30. I guess keeping in shape does help!


  2. Kim Smyth

    That original hairy blob on the wall was amazing! I’d have NEVER guessed that was daddy long legs. Where do you live, btw? Is it your climate that creates this phenomenon?



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