New Puppy Episode II

New Puppy Episode II

The state of sleep deprivation that I am lately in
means my original ardor is growing rather thin.
I’m hanging by a slender thread. I’m ready for a bender,
but chances for an evening out right now are rather slender.
Just one full-night’s sleep would do to restore me to me,
but odds are good the puppy will be up at four to pee.

Then she’ll want to play a bit, then whine to go outside
and rush into the bushes to root around, then hide.
Then she will pee and madly rush about again,
whine at the door to be let in to roam about and then
cry for something nebulous: a toy, a hand, a cuddle,
run into the bedroom and make another puddle.

Then scooped up by a gentle hand, she’ll curl up on the bed,
tuck her paws under her nose and drop her tiny head.
She’ll fall to dreams at six o’clock and tame down, finally.
Can I fall back asleep as well? I guess I’m going to see.
6:37 on the dial and looks like I’m still up
wondering if I forgot to fill her water cup!!!!

This is exaggeration only in the sense that my ardor has not dimmed, even after 2 1/2 hours of very early morning excitement. Zoe has finally fallen to sleep in my bed, of course, which she has lately claimed as her own. Soon I hope to sleep myself. Tomorrow there will be a trip to the vet to see about flea removal, a de-worming and a general checkup. Hopefully the same won’t be necessary for me!

Word prompts today are slender, practitioner, ardor and original.

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10 thoughts on “New Puppy Episode II

  1. Anonymous

    Omg, Puppy is darling! You are the third person I know who has gotten a puppy recently and you all say the same thing. It sounds like the experience is tantamount to having a human baby! Good luck!



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