Lullaby and Good Night

I’m lying flat on my back in bed with my computer on my stomach between us, so couldn’t see this  little girl but could feel her using the space between my legs as a cradle. So comfy!!!! I held the phone up in the air over the open computer to catch this shot. She looks pretty comfy. No fear she’ll roll over in her sleep by mistake with my legs as a snug frame.

I actually do sing her lullabies to calm her down. Usually in the car. I sing one my dad used to sing full voice to his first grandchild. “Oh Cindy play the big bass drum, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM! Her (sic) say “I hope that the war won’t come, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM! Now I’m not frightened as you may understand, but if I’m called to fight for my land, I wanna be able to play in the band. BOOM,BOOM,BOOM!”

I sing it  with “Zoe” substituted for “Cindy” and VERY LOUD as he did to still her cries and it works with little girl dogs as it did with a little girl baby, but even though the windows are rolled up tight, I’m sure it can be heard from outside and I wonder what passersby are thinking. Sometimes I switch to “Rockabye Zoe up in the treetops” at a lower volume when I have to stop at lights.


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12 thoughts on “Lullaby and Good Night

  1. Melanie B Cee

    That is so DARLING! ❤ She's obviously feeling extremely secure (which they say dogs are, when they'll expose their belly and fall asleep that soundly. I didn't know you had gotten a 'new' dog? Zoe is beautiful!

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