Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve

My children’s new pet terrapin
retreats into his lair again,
anxious to don his disguise
away from queues of curious eyes.

No password does their pet provide
allowing them to see inside
the house he carries on his back,
and so they do not have the knack

to see what all he keeps in there
within his snuggly turtle lair.
He takes in neither guests nor renters.
Not one smarmy salesman enters.

Thus he’s reached the pinnacle
of being curt and cynical,
for we all know very well,
you can’t live life within a shell.

Perhaps we’ll take the turtle back
to trade for pet with purr or quack
that we can walk around the block,
or one that we can teach to talk—

a parrot or a tiny pup,
who when food spills, will lick it up,
who does not own his own chalet
and so is always up for play!

We’ll never again have to stare
into a turtle’s private lair.
We’ve learned our lesson very well.
Eschew the pet who wears a shell.


Prompts today are smarmy, pinnacle, terrapin, queue and password.

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