State of Zoe (Sunbonnet Girl)


Oh man. I had the tree guys come at 10 who informed me I have to cut down my two largest trees, trim another and relocate a fourth. Then Pepe my massage guy was here from 1 to 2:30; then Luis the guy who came to help me in a battle with Amazon to try to get my book rights back and to finish the cover for my book that Sharon and I have been working on all week was due to arrive at 4, but at 3:30 I realized Zoe had chewed all her stitches out and was gaping open!!! So I called the vet but they were closing and said to bring her in at 9 tomorrow so I called my dog groomer and asked if he had a collar to keep her from chewing at herself. He arrived at same time as Luis and I sprayed antiseptic on her wound , we jerrybuilt a collar and I used a face mask, an ace bandage and duct tape to make a girdle for her to protect her wound. Luis said the poor little thing looked like someone from Little House on the Prairie. Then we worked until 9:30 on the book cover and trying to figure out how to get my book off Amazon which seems impossible. All in all I’m exhausted. Tomorrow I need to get Zoe to the vet by 9. I’m scheduled to read at the writer’s group at 11 and have an appointment to get my taxation number at 4, a complicated process the government here sprung on us, giving every expat in Mexico a month to complete the process. When it rains it pours. That said, Zoe is being a very good girl but wants to be held a lot. Even Luis, my tech guy, held her for an hour while executing very tricky maneuvers on the computer. If you laugh in spite of your sympathy for sweet Zoe, don’t feel guilty. We were guilty of quite a few guffaws whenever we caught sight of what my mother would call “that funny little outfit” that it took all three of us to assemble and install. And that, folks, is the current state of Zoe, who is now sound asleep at my side.

For an update on Zoe’s current health and wardrobe, go HERE.

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21 thoughts on “State of Zoe (Sunbonnet Girl)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      She’s trying. She did get out of her bandage girdle, but still has her collar on and it seems to be working. Her cut has healed up a bit and isn’t oozing. I’ve been spraying doggie antibiotic on it which she hates but seems to be working. She cried so long and hard today when the others left for their walk that I took her out on her own walk in the back yard, but she kept following their trail to the gate between front and back yard so I ended up taking her on her own still in my nightgown with a coverup thrown over it…We walked for 4 blocks and that seemed to calm her down until Oscar brought the big dogs back and now she is crying again to go out and play but I dont’ think she can be out there unsupervised for another week. This has put a glitch in her potty training. I’ve been walking her to get her to pee outside and when she can get in and out freely she hasn’t peed in the house but after taking her out three different times hoping she’d poop, she waited ’til we got home to poop in the living room. Oh my. Small stuff when rated against the world’s problems… xo

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I haven’t had a look since I returned home. I’ll wait until she is asleep and sneak a peek. She was already healing up again when I left to go to my writing group this morning. Yolanda watched her while I was gone..


  1. Marion Couvillion

    Poor little Zoe, not the way to go, but I am sending a soft hug to her. Tami was in trouble yesterday and is kind of mopey today. The 100+ temperatures are keeping us inside and this is just not her way.

    Sorry about your sore “Bobo” Joe~! SAM


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