R.I.P. Royal Poinciana: FOTD July 19, 2022


This is in memory of my gorgeous Royal Poinciana Tree now reduced to a stump!!!

For Cee’s FOTD

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Royal Poinciana: FOTD July 19, 2022

  1. Marion Couvillion

    Be quiet, everybody else is still sleeping~!

    I loved that tree too, just from your photos.. In Bolivia they have a similar tree, but it is a very bright yellow, They also have the pink-to-red. My flowers this year were not as great as they have been in past years~! Just too hot and no rain at all~! But my hummingbird feeders are full of birds because of the lack of flowers. They are just trying to make it to the time when they can head down south again. My water guzzlers and little waterfall in my pond are also full of birds trying to cool off and bathe; and I have filled the stock tanks with water for the deer and smaller animals. If it is bad for us it must be even worse for them. My creek is down to a trickle, both from the heat and from people moving out here and misusing the water. This morning it is still in the 90’s not having cooled off in the night~! Earth is in big trouble and we are to blame. It is a very sad time for me~!

    I loved Bolivia, too bad they cut down the jungles to grow Coco, but they were full of Orchids and blooming trees. On the edge of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a huge beautiful area where the local Dope King has an air strip next to his mansion and closed off area.

    When I would land via helicopter in the middle of a clearing in the deep jungle, I was always afraid of being shot because they guard those coco fields and ask no questions~! In the morning, you could see trucks loaded with coco leaves coming in to be processed.

    This and Venezuela were the last of my South American experiences which I did as a consultant, and it was not that long ago. Your mention of the Poinciana, Bougainvillea, Plumeria and other plants bring back beautiful memories. Bougainvillea of every color grow all around Lake Maracaibo blooming all year around. I could only stay for a few weeks at a time, but Shirley could not go because it was just too dangerous. However my house is full of memories with pictures and with things I would bring back to her, and the memories linger on~!

    My frangipani is starting to bloom here, but it is a lot of trouble, I must pull them up outside and wrap the the roots with paper and an old blanket so they will make it through the winter. I cut them back and pull them up, roots and all, and protect them from the cold that way, the next spring I have cuttings to give to friends to plant. I plant them near my koi-pond, in pots, for the moisture.

    In Santa Cruz, I would love to take an early morning walk noticing plants and flowers growing out of their roofs or any other flat surface, even on the power lines. Did you know that the dogs which were closed up inside the gardens would bark at me, but never at the natives walking by~? Even though they could not even see me pass by on the street on my morning walks to the Plaza~? They knew that I smelled different~! Have you noticed this there~? Or are there so many expats that the difference in not noticed by them~? Good morning Ms Brown~! SAM



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