Fruitful Harvest

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For CMMC Fruit prompt

12 thoughts on “Fruitful Harvest

  1. rugby843

    I had a banana tree in Houston. Iโ€™m jealous of that fruit available. Palisade peach season almost over and Iโ€™ve only had one bag๐Ÿ˜ณ

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  2. Sam

    You shouldn’t do that when I have not yet eaten lunch. But I am going to a Jazz concert this evening and we plan to stop at my favorite Mexican Restaurant “El Ray”, on the way home and I can almost taste that Margarita on the Rocks.
    Do you realize that a watermelon cost over seven dollars here. I remember when you could not sell them for 15 cents so they stacked then beside the road with a sign “FREE”. Now when I was a kid, we had a perfect way of getting a melon.. We would crawl through the watermelon patch on our stomachs and roll the melon ahead of us.. They tasted much better if you had to work for them~!


  3. Sam

    Judy what is that red fruit pictured just before the strawberry pie~? I did go to that El Ray, and had a margarita, but they must have changed bar tender it was in a water glass packed with ice, (not crushed ice) and had a straw stuck in it~! Stupid people, why don’t they leave “well enough” alone~?



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