Breakup Breakdown, for Wordle 569

Breakup Breakdown

My tenacious efforts to climb that hard rock face
of the tower of your indifference has brought me great disgrace.

I regret my wasted journey  to regain your love.
What can’t be saved below can’t be re-won above.

My thoughts are swarming wildly like bees around their hive.
They crack my shell of reason. I’ve no wish to be alive.

Though I present a normal face, I’m not sane at all.
I grit my teeth and curl my broken body in a ball.

And though this seems to demonstrate that I am quite agile,
actually, it protects a heart that is most fragile.

For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 569 prompt words are: regret wasted journey tenacious bees agile rocking climb crack teeth present face. Photo and brooch by jdb.

And…it’s fiction, Dolly!!!!

11 thoughts on “Breakup Breakdown, for Wordle 569

  1. Glenda

    Perhaps your poem is a fiction, but your perfect pin is not. Her inner being is real to me as she peeks out beyond her windings to see what lies beyond. And whatever it is or has to be, she tells herself at each poetry reading or across the table as we dine, to be a braver soul and all will be fine. When I listen to her (your) message, it always is. XOG


      1. Glenda

        I do have that artful being. I recognize also in your photo the fabric of my top on which she usually lives. She waits for me in my closet back in Mexico, where I shall take her out to dine on my return. Of course, you, her creator, are invited to join in. xog


          1. Glenda

            Umm… ? I don’t remember Acapulco at all. So, the question still is: when and why I got her? You say she was likely a gift to a friend? Could be.
            Yep, that sounds like you.
            So thanks!!! She reminds me of self-protectiveness, in a good way, alert and looking outward. At the very least, she is a symbol and reminder of your rescues of me from assorted relationship foibles. She is strong, bravely looking forward. Somehow she pays attention. She assesses. When I need strength, or confidence, or connection, she affects me as a sort of totem and I dare to press on. I also love her for her beauty. Wish that was contagious! XOG



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