Floral Alphabet Challenge. The Letter “A”

Janet at the Slmret blog has challenged me to post a photo of a flower for every letter in the alphabet. Just for the fun of it, I started out trying to see if I could do this and nine hours later, I’ve done it!!! Unfortunately, I can’t weed some of the letters down to one choice only, so instead of publishing them all today, I’m going to do one letter a day for 26 days, and some days I’ll publish more than one photo per letter.

Anyone want to play along? If so, please put a link to your post in my comments each day. HERE is my link for today. and also a link to Cee’s blog, as she has decided to play along as well. HERE is her link for today.

So here we go with letter “A.” (I actually published this yesterday, but since Cee started publishing hers today, I’ll take a day’s vacation so we are on the same alphabetical page.ย 

“A” is for aloe bloom and anthurium.

17 thoughts on “Floral Alphabet Challenge. The Letter “A”

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Do you want to play along? I worked 9 hours yesterday combing through old photos to try to find at least one for every letter of the alphabet..then decided to do one letter at a time. Want to do it, too?

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      1. Cee Neuner

        I was thinking I would play along. I will mention it on flower of the day too. I’m thinking I will leave it open for flowers with the Letter anywhere in the word though. Try to have it start with the letter though. Most people don’t know the names well enough.

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Let’s challenge them. You could always put a link to plant id. It’s easy to categorize them there. Somewhere in the name is too easy. Let’s make ’em suffer like I did.. or they can just put in the ones they know.

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  1. slmret

    I so love your flower photos, Judy! That was more of a challenge than I intended, but with recent Zinnia photos and more recent anthuriums, it was a natural thought! Thank you for taking up the challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ ! It will be interesting to see the flowers — one letter at a time is a great idea!


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