Floral Alphabet Challenge, The Letter “R” Oct. 1, 2022




Please post a link to your R’s both below in comments and in Cee’s FOTD

19 thoughts on “Floral Alphabet Challenge, The Letter “R” Oct. 1, 2022

      1. slmret

        I’m glad Timm called — he seems like a pretty nice guy, hurting for the entire family right now! I found a motel (50’s style) that charges only $125 for people visiting Leisure World and for locals (most charge $250or more!). It was about 5 miles from here, and I stayed there for 3 nights. Home for the weekend, and it’s cooler now, so I’ll stay here for the duration — they’ve removed the roof and put on the tarpaper — shingles are next, and that should do most of the noisy stuff, and I can use internal fans to keep cool! Will catch up over the coming week!


          1. slmret

            The original Motel 6 was in Santa Barbara — named Motel 6 because it cost $6 a night. I wanted to make a trip to SB last month, without a good place to stay, so looked into Motel 6 — the same place now charges $450 a night!


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