Autumn Color in Mexico

The most autumn color we get in my part of Mexico is the vibrant African Tulip trees that are in full bloom right now.

For Cee’s Autumn Colors prompt and also in answer to  Jez’s fantastic photos of turning trees on his Fan of Autumn 178 Post.

19 thoughts on “Autumn Color in Mexico

      1. Sam

        I doubt that~! Ha~! I bet it would thrive down there though, it is very hardy and what I like about it is there are hundreds of flowers on each branch up to four of five high. While most “sun Flowers”, or Rudbeckia have only one to a stem. Many think the Max is invasive but actually if you don’t want it, you just get rid of the roots.

        It does look a lot like the Jerusalem Artichoke (also called rudbeckia) but is much more full of blossoms because a rudbeckia has only one blossom to a stem.

        However some weeks back you posted a photo of the Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan) and this brought back pleasant memories of the Jerusalem Artichoke which we had plenty of growing up. We would dig the roots and eat them boiled or roasted. They taste like the Artichoke heart~! You may have had this in South Dakota because they have a very broad area of growth.



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