Thanksgiving Poem

Thanksgiving Poem

I confess my adoration of all you say and do,
and want to find a way to convey it here to you,
but ideal admiration cannot be sold or bought,
and sincere thanks is not delivered in a flowerpot.
And so I write this little poem, paltry in its length,
to show my gratitude for your kindness and your strength.


Prompt words today are thanks, confess, adoration, deliver, ideal and flowerpot.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Poem

  1. Sam

    Strange how often we may be thinking the same direction. My thoughts go toward these holidays, and especially where they have gone wrong. You may note that I had little or nothing to say about Halloween, taken too far in the wrong way. It is not a day of fools with their hands our, but rather a day of thinking about the following day of the dead, which I do like and is more properly done in the Latin way.

    Thanksgiving to me is a day when family and friends should get together, celebrating and thinking about the good things that happened over the past year (as a family), a good meal is great but there should be a limit..

    Christmas advertisements already started a month back and all it seems to represent is spending, spending, spending.. Little is mentioned of what it is supposed to represent~! There is a limit to such foolishness, they have long ago turned such days of celebration into a money making foolishness.

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