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I just watched a fascinating series called Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix. I highly recommend it. Really well done. I watched all 8 episodes in one fell swoop!

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11 thoughts on “Recommended new series

  1. Sam


    Well I see that you too have discovered Graham Hancock and his theory’s of the ancient peoples, the ice age, the great flood, and how there were a people before that prehistory time. His theory’s are often disagreed with, but who can say, because there is no evidence to the contrary. It is interesting to follow him on his shows and books, even if nothing more, he does at least make you think~!

    His theory of the many tunnels of Cappadocia and how they relate to the end of the ice age may be interesting, but I have not yet seen his thoughts on the tunnels of Libya, and his work in Egypt.

    He says that the tunnels have been done by the Zoroastrians and based on the idea that their God Yima told them to build an underground city to defend them from the serpent in the sky.

    He also relates that the many signs of a serpent in so many places are related to a serpent actually being a comet. Be careful he is going to arrive at your place to examine that serpent in your little hidden garden any day now~! He also thinks that it is all going to happen again, but first earth would need to freeze over then melt once more…

    The part of his research on the Grand Channeled Scab Lands and the Grand Coulee really does interest me a lot because I did work in that beautiful part of the Northwest. I feel that he is right about the fact that great floods carved out those canyons over (more or less) a short time, just as the Great Lakes were carved out by the same melting ice caps.

    Maybe the serpent in the bible and the great flood is based on the same oral history after all~!

    Thanks for the heads up, it is an interesting series as all of his shows are, Who knows~!


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        And I’ll be glad to have them. We are watching Suits right now. We never saw it when it was running — I think it conflicted with something else we were watching. At the rate we’re watching it, we’ll be finished with it soon and be ready for something else.



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