For CBWC, Nov 24, 2022: Long Items

My nephew Ryan is certainly a long item !  He can remedy that a bit with a sideways curve, but not much! Click on photos to make him even taller!!!

For CBWC, Long Items

9 thoughts on “For CBWC, Nov 24, 2022: Long Items

      1. Sam

        I have great friends down the road from me, and they had their son, daughter in law and two teenage grand kids from San Antonio along with their two dogs, Tami and me for dinner. It is almost like being back in Thanksgiving of old times with a full family like that around. I am very fortunate to have such good friends around so close. it would be very lonely without them.

        Both of my boys have been sick and so I could not be with them but they called and we had a good visit. My friend Ginny also called from Minneapolis and she had friends over for turkey as well.. So all is well here… I still hope to make it down to Mexico before the end to the year if I can get this dental work finished.

        My nieces and their families down at Lake Chapala keep asking me to come visit.

        My project du jour is to replace the spa in my man cave but the rain has slowed that project down.. The old one was not working very good so I am replacing it with a smaller one. The old six person one is no longer needed for just one old man and friend.

        Was your nephew still there or have they gone back to the states. They look very happy in the photo.


  1. lifelessons Post author

    Don’t know why it suddenly unposted but now posted again. I’ve had the weirdest things happening with WP today. First it would not let me make galleries. Then it refused to let someone comment until they viewed their business plan. Then it kept switching me from one function to another on WP. Crazy…Happy Thanksgiving, Cee.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Finally over my day-long migraine. Only times in my life I ever contemplated suicide was during migraines and it has been a looong time since I’ve had one. Such a relief when you can finally get to sleep and sleep it off.



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