Potpourri (December Shots)

(Click on photos to enlarge.)


These are photos from December’s photo file that somehow never got posted. No set theme except that they’ve been sitting on my desktop for a week or more waiting to be needed.

For the Lens Artists Challenge 230 Last Chance

10 thoughts on “Potpourri (December Shots)

  1. Sam

    Great photos that bring lots of questions~! Photo of the Ape looks like he is taking a “selfie”~! Do you ever wonder about the age of a person who looks like they have one foot in the grave, while you are sure that you are older than they are~?


  2. Tina Schell

    Loved your wonderful variety this week Judy, thanks so much for joining us. It appears you have an affinity for adorable little dogs and also like you had an amazing trip to somewhere wonderful But my favorites are the images you took of the backs of people. A unique perspective and really fun. My favorite is the image of the 2 young girls and their braids!


  3. TamrahJo

    Ahh – I hope I do not overstep – but I gazed upon and, given your words? I thought, “Theme? ‘Ahhh – look at all those beautiful shots of humanity, in all it’s form, as they walk through their world’ (and…the photographer that captured those moments!



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