In Bed at Midnight

In Bed at Midnight

The small dog
snuggles closer,
chin on my computer 
keyboard, brown eyes
begging, “Love me!”
and I do.

Words in the night
fly in like bats to bring
the whole world
here in bed with me.

Outside fireworks
celebrate the current
fiesta, holy day or wedding.

Wind stirs the Solari bell
that hangs from my
plumeria tree in the lower garden.

Celebratory whoops from some
party down the block.

Slow whirr of the ceiling fan.
Darkness pierced only by the light
from my computer screen.
All is well–– as is usual in my world.


For the Weekend Writing Prompt # 300, the prompt is Midnight. We need to use exactly 94 words!!!  I hope the title didn’t need to be included in the word count….


11 thoughts on “In Bed at Midnight

  1. Sam

    It would not be polite to count the words anyway~! Only a real jerk would do that~! Liked the poem and the photo… Now it is almost 12, so time to put my puppy to sleep.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha.. he has about a dozen pillows but you are right, usually prefers to sleep on my lap, cushioned by my legs on either side. I usually have to get up at least once a night with leg cramps as a result, but continue to furnish him with a cushy bed.



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