Turn About

Turn About

His love is intransitive with no particular focus.
He finds marriage an oddity, monogamy hocus pocus.
He follows neither law nor norm and constantly reminds
her that he’ll make no love troth that promises or binds.

Carving out a life with him would be no easy task
and so she neither taunts nor begs. Doesn’t suggest or ask
for any oaths of loyalty or fealty or marriage.
For them, no orange blossoms and no baby carriage.

They’ll simply wander on through life standing slightly apart,
with no soulful joining of property or heart.
But it hasn’t occurred to him that any night or day
she might be the one who decides to slip away.

Prompt words are intransitive, carve, oddity, taunt, remind and law.  Image by Elliot Reyna on Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “Turn About

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  2. Marion Couvillion

    Great poem Judy but once again, it tweaked my thinking and coincided with something that I have experienced, and have been thinking a lot about lately.

    In this case I considered a movie, (Out Of Africa), I watched last night almost about a platonic-relationship, as in a way your poem may allude to this. So, once again I am posting my slant on the subject elsewhere, as in another way it is not the same at all~! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES~! https://mcouvillion.wordpress.com/2023/03/05/only-a-platonic-relationship/

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