Bright Spot: FOTD Mar 21, 2023



I’ve passed this second-story hideaway at the junction of two of the busiest streets in Ajijic hundreds of times, always wishing traffic would stop or that I had my camera out.  This time, it happened…but I only had time enough to squeeze off one shot. The flowers and bright colors and brickwork almost make one overlook the ugly jumble of overhead wires.

For Cee’s FOTD

6 thoughts on “Bright Spot: FOTD Mar 21, 2023

  1. Sam

    THANKS, When I see a scene like this, it always makes me wonder what is inside or what is behind that door. With the beauty that drifts out through the windows and doors, like sweet juice dripping from a pie pan.

    And to enter a high fenced or partly hidden yard into the beauty of a loved, well kept place with plants and flowers announcing the love of beauty and nature that the proprietor must have.

    The opposite is also true at times, an old refrigerator on the porch, trash including inoperative bicycles and old cars all over the yard, then you wonder what awful smells and scenes must be hidden inside the house.

    So this is why I am ashamed and sad with what my place looks right now, when I am unable to quickly bring it back to what it was before that storm~!

    But I keep trying~!

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      1. Sam

        And I will show you the one with the refrigerator and bicycles when you come to visit me. He is the son of a person who has a nice place but must have given him a house spot. Most places out her are hidden from the road by trees.



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