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Holiday Decor at the Nueva Posada

Every year, the decorations at the Nueva Posada are done by the same man and they are always fabulous. He is pictured beside the lit tree in the entrance to the hotel.

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For the Sunday Stills Challenge.

Christmas Preparations

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For the Friendly Friday Photo prompt: Xmas Preparations.

Christmas Spirit

IMG_0533 (1)

Christmas Spirit

Covering the Christmas tree, decking every door,
Excessive seasonality suffuses my decor.

Embellishments without cannot reflect what’s in.
Too often Xmas cheer’s bound up in what has been. 
If a helping hand could decorate my heart,
then the celebration perhaps could have a start. 


For the dVerse Poets Quadrille prompt: Spirit.

Christmas Gifts

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My mother was the hero of Christmas. Decorated waste paper baskets from the church bazaar, that “Skunk” game I’d been begging for, played once and never again, that one last doll when I was eleven, purchased more for her own nostalgia than my need. The tree went up as the orange and brown of Thanksgiving was disposed of, and the jubilation of Christmas stretched on until New Years, when the tree came down.

For my dad, however, the end of Christmas was never quick enough. The tree lights hurt his eyes, he said, but I always wondered if there was more to it than that: some sparsity of the Christmases of his past that had broken its spirit in the heart of a young boy raised on a South Dakota prairie that furnished few rewards, let alone extravagent Christmases, but still expecting more, perhaps, than an orange in the toe of his sock. A pony, maybe, or a stick of hard candy, a jaunty new blue winter stocking cap or simply a mother  more given to Christmas than his own busy midwife of a mother, always off to somewhere else.

In our mad months of enthusiasm over tinsel, ornaments resurrected from the attic and the mystery of wrapped boxes, we overlooked the remnants of that little boy’s pain, but some part of each of us, detecting it by some subconscious radar, never gave up trying to heal those hurts of former Christmases with tiny Black Hills Gold tie tacks, new wallets and papier-mâché sculptures meant to prod him from his apathy. It never quite worked, except for that sculpture, ugly in its craziness, laughed and pondered over, then left to age and weather on their unroofed patio until its demise, giving one small hope of reviving a small boy’s wonder over Christmas and the unexpected. His forbearance over the years made him, perhaps, another subtler hero of Christmas, just in his putting up with it.

The prompt words for today are orange, game, hero, jubilation and quick.  Here are the links:


The Spontaneous Christmas

If you missed the beginning of the story of the year I decided not to celebrate Christmas, go HERE. The rest of the story won’t make much sense unless you read and view the first segment prior to returning here to see the end of the story. This was the Christmas I said I wasn’t going to celebrate. No decorations. No entertaining. No plans, short of dinner in a restaurant on Xmas day with Blue and friends. But, life has a way of happening when you don’t over-plan it, and these are photos taken during the wonderful few days leading up to and including Xmas Eve that happened on their own. Click on the first photo to see enlarged photos and captions. 


The prompt today was cherish.


In Mexico, the word nacimiento, which means “nativity,” has been expanded to cover the hundreds of little painted clay statues that flesh out a Mexican nativity scene.  There are Egyptians, camels, tents, volcanoes, various devils hiding in the background, butchers, bakers, campfires complete with roasting meat, children in trees, women vending bread, making bread, carrying water, fishermen complete with nets and too many other characters to list.  Here are a few photos of my nacimiento scenes from former years.  This year the figures will remain safe in their boxes on high shelves, safe from the paws of inquisitive cats. (To see the photos in detail, click on first photo to enlarge all.)

These photos perhaps represent the prompt of “jolly” better than my post about how I’m celebrating Christmas this year.