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Isaac and Nora: Loveliest Song You Will Ever Hear.

This performance by a father and his children is so touching. It was sent to me by my friend Sharon who received it from our friend Lynda.  Isaac and Nora are two talented siblings from Quimper, France (originally from Seoul, South Korea)  who melt the hearts around the world with their cover of a Cuban song “Veinte Años” . … The song is so popular that it has dozens of covers like Pablo Milanés, Diego El Cigala or the young Spanish Silvia Pérez Cruz.

The Voice of Music

The Voice of Music

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Someone just commented that there should be sound on this post, so  here is Christina Anfossie’s musical rendition of my poem “Naughty little Pleasures.” https://judydykstrabrown.com/2018/04/03/set-to-music-naughty-little-pleasures/

For Cee’s Fun Foto: The Sense of Hearing.

Chocolate Cake–Musical Version


I have three different friends who have set my poems to music. Here’s another one recorded by Christine Anfossie, who also wrote the music. Thanks, Steve Raschke, for doing the remastering. I’ve published the poem before, but to listen to the musical version, click on the arrow below. If the arrow doesn’t work for you, click on the  link below it. The picture will vanish, but you’ll hear the song.. Weird.  For some reason some browsers won’t let you use the arrow.




You’re being good and I am not.
I broke my diet and got caught.
I’d have resisted if I could,
but chocolate cake just looked so good.

I bought a piece, not a whole cake.
I thought a meal of it I’d make.
But now you feel you must rebut
my obvious need for chocolate.

Will you soon go? It’s getting late,
and there’s this chocolate on my plate.
And though I know it’s impolite,
the chances that I’ll share are slight.

Of your smug lecture I’ve had enough
and now it’s my turn to be tough.
If you must fall from your high throne
and dine on cake, go buy your own!