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Seated Guests: Oct. Last on The Card

Ollie at the head of the table. Kukla, an honored guest.


For Brian’s challenge, we are asked to publish the last photo we took each month. I always forget to take a special shot, so it really is pot luck for me.

For Bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge.

The Cat That Roared: PPAC, Aug 8, 2021


Please click on photos to enlarge.

I love this bronze sculpture of a cat looking into a mirror which is one of dozens along the streets and in the parks in Sheridan, Wyoming. This one is on the corner near the cinema.

For Cee’s Photographing Public Art Challenge

And, it seems like this would be appropriate for Travel With Intent’s “Reflections” prompt, as well.

Midnight Mischief with Bromeliads and Cats: FOTD July 19, 2021

Midnight Mischief.


For Cee’s FOTD.