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Dogs and Cats, NaPoWriMo 2020, Day 29


Dogs and Cats

Cats are more bendable, dogs more dependable.
Cats are more stretchable, dogs much more fetchable.
Dogs rip and tear and their kisses are wetter.
Cats donate hair to your favorite sweater.

Dogs howl at the moon and bark at the neighbors.
Curling and stretching the extent of the labors
of cats whereas dogs display energy plus––
harassing the mailman or chasing a bus.

Both species have four feet, fur and a tail,

fall into two classes: female and male,
and when there is breakage, neither is to blame.
But that’s the extent of the ways they’re the same.

For day 29 of NaPoWriMo 2020, we were to write a poem about our pets.

The Corona Diaries: What I Did on Day One of My Sequestering

Please click on first photo and arrows to enlarge photos and to read the story of my day.

Nearly 2 a.m. now and Forgottenman says it’s time to go to bed. I’ll use this as an excuse to free you from a longer recital of my day’s labors. What did you do during your first day of voluntary isolation??? Stay safe. See you tomorrow. (Uh, later today, I guess.)