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On the savannah or on my knee,
the difference is one of degree.
That resolution of feline will—
the stroke, the purr, the spring, the kill.

Only the size and prey may change—
the speed of spring, the chase’s range.
Stalking over rock or rill
or perched upon the window sill,

large or small or maned or not,
they are exactly as God has wrought.
Wild or domestic, the fact is that
simply put, a cat’s a cat.


For Sadje’s What Do You See Challenge #

An Amazing Ending to the Cat Intruder Story

A few days ago I published a story about a cat who showed up at my house, terrorized my other cats and attached itself to me like glue.  Under ordinary circumstances, I would have done what I’ve done with every other animal that has come to the house or attached itself to me on my walks. I would have adopted her. But, she wreaked utter pandemonium in my house. The other cats ran from her in spite of the fact that she was half their size. When she went into the backyard to perch herself on the ledge below the upper wall, the dogs went crazy, jumping up and barking. There was nothing I could do to remove her as she was behind a stand of dense banana and ficus trees and seemed to be enjoying teasing the dogs. I had to feed the other cats inside or they ran away when she approached and she ate all their food.

I tried confining her in a large carrier for hours, thinking she’d run away when I released her. Instead she wound herself around my legs and got in front of me, threatening to trip me up with ever step I took. All day and all night long, she went from outside door to window to door of my house crying, then climbed the screens to hang, beseeching.

This went on for two days until I discovered that Yolanda was open to taking her to her home, a mile and a half away down the mountain in San Juan Cosala, so I drove her there and heard no more for two days.  Then, today when Yolanda came to work, I asked her how the new cat was working out and she said very well, that he was living with her sister’s daughter. When I asked why, she remarked that Alejandra had come over to see her and immediately recognized as one of her own cats that had annoyed the neighbor and so he had taken him (I had been sure “he” was a “she”) with another cat up to the mountains and released them.

This was a long distance from her house, but just up the mountain from me, evidently, and somehow the cat found its way to my house and worked its wiles to eventually wind up back home again. Now how is that for a “The Cat Came Back” story????

In case you missed them before, here are my two other stories about the cat intruder.



7 A.M.


7 A.M.

Their rebuke is most benign.
Cats yowl protest. The dogs all whine.

As outside dogs slip into gear,
Zoe wakes up and bites my ear.

Their stomachs are a timetable
that I will meet if I am able.

I drag myself out of my bed.
If only I could sleep instead!

The hour that I hit the hay
I fear was not so far away.

Three hours of sleep or perhaps four
were all I had. Surely, not more.

Just as I thought to jump sleep’s hurdle
I remembered, “Daily Wordle!”

Grabbed computer, filled every square,
weeding out vowels my only care.

Wordle in five or four or three?
I cannot sleep until I see.

But later, morning comes too soon
as animals begin their croon.

I move to kitchen to feed cats,
open the door, put bowls on mats,

fill with kibble and with wet 
catfood, and they still their fret.

Move to back door, feed each dog
different portions, mind in fog.

Zoe inside, big dogs out,
fends off pilfering and pout.

What I gain in remuneration
is their ceasing excitation.

Whines replaced by scraping beat
of metal dishes on concrete,

clicking jaw and lapping tongue
as cats and dogs both old and young

enjoy results of their design.
Then, back to bed as they all dine!

Prompt words today are concrete, remuneration, design, rebuke and timetable.


Zoe Report V

Please note that there are three videos. Once you see the first, come back to this page to see the other two.


Zoe in combat with a palm leaf in her new domain. It is accessible from the house, but has gates at two ends, a wall on one side and the house on the other. I put a little house in it with a fluffy rug and put sod and grass in the planter between the palms and pots. It is “her” place. The cats come to visit, but she is boss even though they are five times her size. The dogs come visit by sticking their noses through the vertical bars in the gate. It’s like she is holding court. In this video, however, she is pursuing her favorite activity: declaring war on plants.

Help Decorating


Irresistible Red.

Help Decorating

Rendered breathless by the product of my hours of decoration,
Roo and Kukla must approve my gorgeous presentation.
How can it be a hindrance if they rearrange a few
of the lower ornaments? Perhaps just one or two?
Christmas is a family time and there should be a law
that the positioning of ornaments may be by hand or paw!


Prompt words today are decorate, hindrance, presentation, breathless, product.

Seated Guests: Oct. Last on The Card

Ollie at the head of the table. Kukla, an honored guest.


For Brian’s challenge, we are asked to publish the last photo we took each month. I always forget to take a special shot, so it really is pot luck for me.

For Bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge.