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Hibiscus in Profile: Flower of the Day


Cee’s flower of the day: https://ceenphotography.com/2017/10/10/flower-of-the-day-october-11-2017-orange-tulip/

Pink Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Oct 7, 2017


Pink isn’t my favorite color, but I love this pink hibiscus I spotted in my friend Lety’s garden yesterday.

For Cee’s Flower Challenge.

Hibiscus in Daylight: Flower of the Day, Oct 6, 2017



This is the same hibiscus I showed a night shot of two nights ago. Who needs diamonds or yachts when she can have a flower like this constantly blooming to enjoy every morning?


For Cee’s challenge.

Midnight Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Oct 5, 2017

I went out at midnight to get something from the car and saw two new hibiscus glowing in the light from beside the door.  Of course, I had to capture them, which brought the cats streaming down from the garage. Tricky getting in and out to get the camera as they are wonderful little escape artists, with two or three distracting me while the other two or three slip into the house. Then I had the camera on the wrong setting, so after spending a half hour trying to work with the photos, it finally occurred to me I could go back out with a flashlight to capture better color. In the end, however, once on the correct setting, I could use available light. Then had to narrow the choices down.  This beauty was the winner.

Hibiscus and Hopper: Flower of the Day, Sept 27, 2017

I first spotted this little green fellow yesterday afternoon.  He was just inspecting this lush hibiscus.  He seems to have found his breakfast spot and so I went in to have mine as well.


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When I next saw him it was 24 hours later. The Hibiscus does not seem the better for his attention. Below is his dining spot, somewhat depleted.

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Shy Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Sept 26, 2017


This beauty was down so low near to the grass that I might have missed it if it were not such a vibrant color.

For Cee’s Flower Prompt.