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New Hibiscus! FOTD Dec 6, 2020

I just bought this hibiscus today. I told the woman who owns the vivero I must pass every time I drive into San Juan Cosala that I have no problems with drugs and alcohol but that I’m addicted to plants! They always put the new hibiscus varieties along the road and I almost always fall. I had this one sitting in the kitchen and will plant it on Monday, but there must be enough light that it was still open at 11 PM. Here it is… my first red one, albeit the red is just around the edges. It is six inches across.

For Cee’s FOTD

Hibiscus: FOTD, Nov 16, 2020


Happy Birthday, Mother.
This half-opened hibiscus is as close to a peony as I could get for you.

(I never see peonies without thinking about my mother, as she had planted them all along the walk between our back door and garage. Today would have been my mother’s 112th birthday. I don’t have a photo of my mother’s peonies, but see Cee’s glorious  and timely peonies HERE.)