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On My Way Home

It isn’t very far from my studio in the garden to my bedroom door—just about 6 feet of sidewalk, then a twelve foot steep ramp that used to be just the wall beside the stairs down to the basement kiosk that I had added a hand railing to and maybe 8 feet across the patio, but laden with a lamp I’d just repaired, my computer, phone, two tubes of glue, an empty cup and my hank of keys, it was a bit of a balancing act. It was nearly 1 a.m. and pitch black outside and I had the studio to lock up and then the house to unlock. But when I saw the loaded  hibiscus bush in full bloom at night, probably due to the motion-detector light that the dogs had been setting off all night-, I knew I had to take a photo. So, everything in my arms went down on the sidewalk while I searched for my phone, with no success! So, about face, open the door and the search for the phone began. I finally had a flash of memory of putting the phone on the grinder when I had used the bathroom earlier. On my way out of the studio for the second time, however, I noticed Diego tracking something along the ground and noticed a beautiful small beetle. Then, two more on the screen. So, if I hadn’t decided to photograph the hibiscus and if I hadn’t left my phone in the studio, I never would have noticed these two varieties of beetle that I’ve never seen before. Finding the treasures in adversity. One of the great learnings of life. Here is what I saw on my short way home from the studio tonight:

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Blending in–Hibiscus: FOTD June 16, 2020


I just noticed this cream-colored hibiscus with a red throat for the first time–two blooms in among a  bush with a profusion of bright coral blooms. It is on a good-sized bush that has woven itself into the fabric of the other even larger bush, so must have been there for a long time as I haven’t planted hibiscus along that wall for over ten years. Where has it been hiding all these years? Or is it I who have been hiding? This period of forced isolation has revealed some amazing secrets about my back garden and after all these years I am beginning to feel that instead of this house belonging to me that I belong to it.

For Cee’s FOTD

Hibiscus: FOTD June 12, 2020

IMG_8648 2

Remember the flower that vanished a few weeks ago between the time I first saw it and two hours later when I returned with the camera? This is the newest flower on that bush. Finally, my patience has been rewarded, but not my curiosity over where it could have vanished to in a back yard behind locked gates with only me there! 


For Cee’s FOTD