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Chapala Sunset, Oct 20, 2020

I weeded these shots out from 20–all equally gorgeous. What a sunset!!! And, it went from this sky to pitch black in ten minutes!  Amazing. Forgottenman says I should ask you which are your favorites. I couldn’t choose but perhaps you can!!

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Day’s End



Day’s End

There’s a fire in the sky, but shadows to come.
Hummingbirds ceasing their prolix hum.
Unpredictable garage doors creak open on hinges
as fathers come home from their work or their binges.

Moms lean over fences, cranky from their labors,
putting off dinner to gossip with neighbors
as children stream home from playground or field
to see what computer or TV screens yield.

The strings of the day slow down to a strum
as day turns to night and the senses go numb.
Everything sinking, growing more deep.
Darkening, quieting, falling asleep.

Prompts today are “fire in the sky,” cranky, unpredictable, prolix and shadows.

Corpse of Another Day


The  corpse of another day lay spread across the horizon. A jet stream cut through gossamer clouds stained with its blood.  If only those old men who made the decisions were teachable, she would bring them out here and show them this. Then any fool could see what they were putting more at risk every day.  This beautiful, rare world. These unique sunsets. She bent to retrieve yet another piece of plastic—this time a brightly colored molded toy. They were playing with the world, and it was a tough game, she thought, as she tossed it into her collection bag. 

The prompt words today are jet, corpse, gossamer and teachable. Here are the links:

Patterning Sunset


Patterning Sunset

Nights out I once found glorious,
exciting and uproarious,
I now just find laborious.

Without a doubt,

it is more fun

when day is done
to mime the way the sun

goes out.

Instead of donning dancing gown
and going to light up the town,
to drink and dance, to get it down

’til I perspire,

I brush my teeth, gargle and cough.
My clothes I shed, my shoes I doff.
I find the light switch, turn it off,

and just retire.


For a bit of a contrast to this poem you may want to go here:

The prompt today was glorious.

Sunset at Cambry Woods


Version 2

Sunset at Cambry Woods

In the forest, wild and lush,
hear the music of the thrush
break the stillness of the brush.
If else disturbs it, make it hush,
for we have fled the world’s mad crush
with all its craziness and rush
that grinds sensation into mush,
distilling it as mindless slush.
The world flares up, the clouds are plush
as we see all its bloodshed flush
into the sunset’s subtle blush.

The prompt today was lush.

The Great Unseen

img_2237jdbphoto, La Manz. 1/10/17

The Great Unseen

Life without the Great Unseen
is merely nature’s grand machine—
things replicating with no end,
a road built straight without a bend.
No mystery or wondering when
there’ll be an end to where we’ve been
and a future reckoning
with all that has been beckoning
to lead us from this world more lean
to the richness of the Great Unseen.

My reason says there is no God.
After death, merely the sod.
And yet I yearn and wish and hope
when I descend life’s slippery slope
that at the end there’s more to see
than crumbled earth and rocky scree.
Another road on rocky shelf
that leads me deep within myself—
life being a long venture out
to see what life is all about
before we pull once more inside
to that deeper world where we abide.

Legend reckons heaven above
to be a well-lit place of love.
Those nearly dead have seen the light
welcoming and broad and bright
with familiar faces there,
free from hate and free from care.
What a lovely scene they weave.
If only I could just believe
their version of a paradise
so pure and perfect and free from vice.

I can imagine the purpose of
a world comprised purely of love,
but why this different world before—
this world of torture, hate and gore?
These things I ask are questions old,
gleaned from stories often told.
I do not ponder puzzles new,
bringing fresh problems into view.
It’s simply that we can’t resist
attempting to work out the gist
of what our being here might mean
and trying to solve The Great Unseen.

The prompt word today is unseen.