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Dust to Rain

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Dust to Rain

The world, my dear, is dust to rain
over and over and again.
It is as true as it is sad
that relief cannot be had
unless some travail happens first.
How can we quench unless we thirst?

Those times you go without a trace
of raindrops on your upturned face
give way to petrichor—they must
as finally rain comes down to dust.
Bountiful years follow the drought.
It is the way the world’s planned out.

Grandparents tell their younger kin
that drought is the result of sin
or hurricanes our penance for
those misdeeds the gods abhor.
But this is all mistaken lore
dispelled by whiffs of petrichor.

The prompt words for today were trace, kin, bountiful and petrichor ( the pleasant, distinctive smell frequently accompanying the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather in certain regions.)


Beach Rainbow

In my seven years of coming to La Manzanilla, it has only rained twice. Very early this morning was one of those times.  Since the morning is cool and blustery, perhaps some La Manzanillans missed this spectacular sight that I viewed when I went out to the porch to collect my (still soggy) clothes that were meant to dry overnight.

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