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Two’s a Crowd: Flower of the Day, Nov 9, 2018

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I must admit that I like the jungle look. These plants by my guest room patio seem to have picked up my vibes.


Still Life of Tree with Foot: Sunday Trees, Aug 5, 2018


IMG_3643 2

My friend Gloria Palazzo tends to look down when she walks, either to collect prizes for potential future collages or just out of curiosity.  She was going to crop her image of this “found” tree that is actually a palm fruiting bundle much flattened by cars and feet but still a bit three-dimensional, but I say the foot makes the photo.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees.

Sunday Trees, June 24, 2018

IMG_1530I love these strange markings on this palm tree in my back yard.  I believe they are caused by the tree trimmers parking their machetes in the tree while they go about their business clearing the severed off palm fronds that have fallen from above as they were up in the tree trimming it. This is not a guess.  I’ve seen them take a mighty swing, chopping the blade into the tree to hang there as they go about their business.

For Sunday Trees.