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Hide and Go Seek

A few days ago I published a photo of a poinsettia and asked you to find the little bug hiding on the flower.  A few people have mentioned not being able to find it, so here is an enlargement, a bit grainy, but hope you can see it now.  Then go back to the original photo HERE and hopefully, you’ll see it.  Let me know! He was a tiny one. I was surprised to find him there, too.

Version 4

Poinsettia: Flower of the Day, Nov 23, 2017

Can you see the insect on this poinsettia? You may need to click on the photo to enlarge it to see. If you still can’t see it, go HERE to see an enlargement.

Version 3

See Cee’s incredible summer bouquet HERE.

Poinsettia Starter Kit: Flower of the Day, Nov. 9, 2016


img_8682The poinsettias are just starting to fill in and redden up here. Christmas must be coming.


Yellow!!!Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge Jan 13, 2016


IMG_1011Finally!!!! I’ve been saving this one for this challenge for weeks now and keep bringing it up from my desktop.  I’ve never seen a yellow poinsettia before and think it probably changed from green to yellow to white or some other color, but I loved it at this stage!!  So glad to finally be able to use it.  I promise no more poinsettias for awhile.  Well, unless there’s a really neat one!!!  Backsliding already.