Dreaming A Path

Dreaming A Path

Dream, Fri. Oct 18, 2013

We were at a booth in a café. It was a huge room with booths on every side and each booth had a clock, or at least I thought they did. I don’t think I ever looked. Our alarm started going off and there was no way to turn it off. It was by me and I tried and tried but couldn’t get it off. I said I was just going to unplug it, but Patti said perhaps it was timed with all the other clocks at tables and then it wouldn’t match. I said couldn’t they just reset it when we left? Someone agreed, but still we didn’t unplug it and it went on and on and on. Very annoying. Our booth came equipped with a little dog. It was tiny and light with long very curly white hair that was in loose corkscrew very long ringlets. It was so adorable and affectionate. I held it most of the time. It had legs like wires that went straight down..very skinny…and it jumped a lot. When the waitress came, we told her about the alarm and she said yes, she’d noticed that it was going off…but she didn’t do anything about it. We told her how cute the little dog was and she said yes…but then it seemed like it was the little dog who had the alarm that was going off. We ordered and afterwards I was wanting a dessert but thought I shouldn’t order one. Patti was to my right and I suddenly realized she was eating a very rich chocolate dessert—a sort of fudge flan or very moist slippery cake that was hot with a hot fudge sauce over it. She offered me a taste. It was a very small rectangle…not very big…but I tasted it and immediately said I’d have one, too. It was incredible. Still, the alarm went off. It was driving me crazy! Then I woke up and realized it was my own bedside alarm. I reached up with my eyes still closed and tried to turn it off, but couldn’t find the control. Finally I picked it up, opened my eyes and found the control. It was 8:10. The alarm had been going off for 10 minutes!!!!

My interpretation:

I found this dream in a folder on my computer. I have no memory at all of having dreamed it, and perhaps that distance makes it easier for me to interpret it. In a few weeks, I turn 67. For the past year, I’ve thought repeatedly about death and the fact that if I’m lucky, I probably have only 30 years left. For some reason, that awareness is very stressful. I feel a need to finish everything I’ve started and never completed. Earlier, that consisted of a lot of sorting, construction of storage spaces and weeding out of the contents of my house. That effort is ongoing. What also happened, however, is that I have an incredible drive to get everything published that has been lying around in file cabinets for many many years as well as a need to write new work and somehow disseminate it. My blog is part of that effort, as are my efforts to get all my books on Amazon and Kindle.

Seeing this dream as if for the first time, I clearly see that theme of time running out coupled by a sense of alarm that I need to do something about it. The little dog shows the attractive quality (adorable and affectionate) of finally dealing with all these loose ends—(note all his corkscrew hairs). Those wiry little legs that kept him always active certainly reflect the urgency I’ve been feeling to write write write.

One aspect of this awareness in my real life for a time consisted of my fear that I will stop breathing. This often gets me up gasping at night to run outside to try to breathe. For some reason I haven’t had any of these panic attacks since I started writing every morning. What I interpreted as a growing fear of death and a dread of ceasing to exist was perhaps a fear of not living and creating while I am alive.

I think the interplay between my sister Patti and me in the dream reflects a number of things. One is a difference in our approaches to life. I think in a way, she is more of a rule-follower and since she was my immediate pattern for most of my earlier life, I think a part of me feels this same need, but this is coupled with an equal and stronger need to create my own path in a direction unique from my two older and very competent sisters and to break a few rules to do so. At a very early age, much as I admired and imitated my sisters, I felt the need to prove myself. To find something to know that they didn’t already know. I found this route when I started venturing out at an early age to find new ground where they had not gone before me. It led me first into the homes of friends and strangers where I saw life being acted out in a manner entirely different from my own home. The road led further—to summer camp where I was a stranger to all and vice versa. I loved being the stranger. In choosing a college, I fell back on the reliability and comfort of attending the same school my sister had attended, but in my Jr. year I took my first big leap—a trip around the world on World Campus Afloat. That early adventure in seeing dozens of new and strange cultures set my life path. I’ve been traveling ever since and have been living in Mexico for the past 13 years.

I believe this dream depicts the sense of urgency I’ve had my entire life to “do” something with experience. My art and writing allow me to turn off the alarm for the hours in which I practice them. That small dessert might symbolize the rewards of doing what I need to do to do so.

P.S. An interesting insight I have had just as I started to post this: (And, interestingly enough, wordpress will not accept my blog entry. Perhaps it is insisting I add this P.S. before it does so.) I just got back to Mexico from a visit to the states wherein I visited my oldest sister Betty who is now in the depths of the world of Alzheimer’s. While I was there, she seemed increasingly distressed by the fact that she can no longer communicate, but one day as we were sitting in the living room portion of her small apartment in a managed care Alzheimer’s wing, she motioned to the middle of the floor and said, “Look a that cute little white thing there—that fluffy little white dog!” This was the first incidence that I know of of her actually hallucinating visually, and for some reason it popped into my mind in relation to the little dog in my dream. All of these images—of our dreams as well as our daily life—remind us to live while we can and to do what is most important to us. In my case as well as my sister’s—to communicate. Too late for her, although she continues to try. Not too late for me.

P.S.S.  By the way, the instant I completed the above P.S., the wordpress page that had continued to not allow me to post this blog entry flashed the message:  What do you want to post?  Text? Picture?  I chose text and and you have just read it.

The prompt: Freudian Flips. Do you remember a recent dream you had? Or an older one that stayed vivid in your mind? Today, you’re your own Freud: Tell us the dream, then interpret it for us! Feel free to be as serious or humorous as you see fit, or to invent a dream if you can’t remember a real one.

Note in response to this prompt: (When I think of dreams, I think of Jung, not Freud, and he continues to influence my thoughts and actions much more than Freud ever did.)


20 thoughts on “Dreaming A Path

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  3. kategresham

    I share your sense of urgency, I’m in my sixties and time left is definitely finite. Like you, when I am writing it is enough, although it is also more important now that I don’t waste time in superficial relationships.


  4. Allenda Moriarty

    This really hits home for many of us of a similar age. Different “To Do” lists, but the same sense of urgency. EEEK! I’d better get off of the computer and get cracking around here.


  5. Marso

    How much this meant to me! Thank you for sharing it. I so relate!!!
    Wishing you time, energy and happiness to get you through your list . . . and may the alarm be a more pleasant sound. A gentle wind chime?


    1. grieflessons Post author

      That would be nice, but I’d never wake up. Remember, it took me 10 min. to wake up to my firedrill-pitched alarm. I don’t often have to use it, fortunately.


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  7. Marilyn Armstrong

    Isn’t it funny how dreams completely vanish from our memories almost instantly? I’m always sure I’ll remember them … but unless I write them down immediately, they are gone in mere minutes.

    I really “get” the time running out thing. But you know? I finally came a kind of truce with time. We are ALL running out of time. We are more aware of it now than when we were younger, but it was as true then as now. So, I figure I might as well not worry about that over which I have no control. All I would do is make myself (and everyone around me) crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. bkpyett

    Judy, I related to everything you said! I am 69, and feeling that I must tidy up, not just the house, shed and garden but sort out my writing too. As for self publishing, I haven’t yet gained that confidence, but feel it might happen soon. I’ve been getting an editor to look at some of my work. I don’t know why I haven’t been following you, but look forward to doing so now. I love the fact that you live in Mexico!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Marguerite Ponder

    Hi Judy. I love your blog. I read all your posts but I often don’t have the “time” to respond. But don’t think people aren’t reading. We are in the states now for another two months. I also really loved your posts about the summer camp in San Juan Cosala. Thanks for your pictures and insights. Most enlightening and helpful. Marguerite

    Liked by 1 person

  10. quirkyisthename

    First off, love your blog. Second, I live that you see your craft in everything and recognize its importance in your life and dreams. Often times if there is something we come across in a dream (or meditation), it seems we are on the right path in life. Maybe your sister’s hallucination is “someone’s” way of telling you, you are doing the right thing, the universe is acknowledging you! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I like your way of looking at this! I also appreciate your appreciation!! Thanks for your supportive words. And you are very welcome. I love sharing my words and they accrue value when read!!! Thank you for adding that value.


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