Groundhogs in Sri Lanka

Groundhogs in Sri Lanka

Groundhog Day (the movie) was frustrating for sure.
When that same day kept happening, there seemed to be no cure.
But this was not reality. It really could not be.
And so to write about it has no appeal for me.

Instead I want to write about something on my mind;
and it, indeed, is something day after day I find.
When I look at my statistics on my blogging site,
I see the countries that have viewed my blog each day and night.

And when I see “Sri Lanka” occur day after day,
I wonder who that person is and what they’d have to say
if they could comment on the words that I have said to them
and wish that I could know a little more of her or him.

So if you read this message and know that it is you
who reads my blog, reveal yourself. Say who you are, please do.
I’ve been to Sri Lanka many years ago and saw
Colombo and the stupas—I viewed them all with awe.

The elephants in Kandy, the tea fields on the way,
the little inn called “Bird’s Nest” where we slept at end of day.
We climbed Anuradhapura, we stood beneath the tree
where Buddha sat 2,000 years ago. (How can this be?)

You probably weren’t born then so I’m sure we didn’t meet;
or as a babe in arms, perhaps you passed me in the street.
But nineteen sixty-seven (or was it sixty-eight?)
is very long ago and so I’m sure it’s not my fate

to reconnect with anyone I might have met back then
and it is not important what happened way back when.
To me, it is more vital to know what’s happening now,
and that is why a day or so ago I made a vow.

I mention this thing only to try to drive you to
share a little bit of what it might be to be you.
I’ve told you all my secrets, kept nothing back in shame;
so dear Sri Lanka viewer, please at least reveal your name!

 The Prompt: Groundhog Week—If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?



7 thoughts on “Groundhogs in Sri Lanka

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  2. Ann O'Neal Garcia

    I hope he or she replies. How fascinating that there would be a response to your poems, though never personal enough for you to know anything about the person…and I love your reaching out to find him or her so you can do what you do best, Judy, which is sharing. This poem resonates with our modern world–how we can communicate or at least be aware of people and places so far away–within seconds. I like it that you have actually been there, but you are not wishing to re-live that past adventure but to have a new connection, right here and right now, with the “new” person who lives in Sri Lanka. This is the sole way I travel, this Internet with its fascinating pictures of places and people. We are so much alike, all over the entire world, and your insatiable curiosity reminds me of me.


  3. Dhanu Randi

    Hello, Judy! Thank you for the link! Unfortunately, I’m not the one who read your blog before because I only started my WordPress account on late July. I happen to stumble upon your blog a few days ago or (was it yesterday) , not sure, but I’m glad to get to know you nonetheless. 🙂 It’s always nice to know a little bit about the people who we follow or who’s following us. 🙂 I love the poem and it’s great that you’ve been to Sri Lanka! May be we can chat more. 🙂 Take care.


    1. grieflessons Post author

      Well, it doesn’t really matter. Nice to meet you. It is intriguing that we have these readers and all we know about them is where they are from, so it is nice now and then to make actual contact. It looks like you have taken to the blogging life. Welcome! Judy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dhanu Randi

        It’s so nice to meet you too! 🙂 And, I agree. I love meeting people through my blog, even more special when I meet someone who shares same passions as me through writing or poetry or literature. I love the blogging life,–every bit of it! 🙂



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