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Shooting Hoops at the Class Reunion


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Shooting Hoops at the Class Reunion

Lest I be less than discreet

and be accused of gross conceit,
I’ll go where it can be repeated
that our team was undefeated
way back then in sixty-four.
The swish of hoop, our fans’ loud roar—
nothing can erase the blast
of this fine victory of the past.

The crowds we drew. The way we toiled?
Nothing since has ever spoiled
the memory of that group endeavor.
Back when we were fresh and clever,
young, athletic, fit and tall,
we all excelled at basketball.

Fifty years later, though it’s true
we may be a decrepit crew,
our memories are still intact.
We well remember every fact
as one by one, we each relate
our memories of winning State.

If I were at home, I could publish a photo of one of our glorious small town basketball teams, but since I am not in the proximity of my old annuals, I’ll make do with photos of one of the school reunions, fifty years later.

The prompts today were blast, draw, conceit and spoil. Here are the links:


Negative Impact

Version 2

Negative Impact

When all the slimy little trolls
have popped their heads out of their holes
to converse with more humane souls,
they go about filling their roles,
moving their dirt like little moles.
Who knows their purposes or goals?
They do not build. Do not extoll.
Do not contribute to the whole.
Their words not clever, wry nor droll.
They simply seek to take their toll.
They represent the negative pole!!!

Word of the Day’s prompt today is “troll.”

Exorcising Memories

When I first watched The Exorcist, I had to call my sister and keep her on the phone as we each watched from our own house. Later, I put the receiver on the pillow beside me and we stayed connected until I fell asleep.  I was in college!!!

For Matt’s prompt: How do you get to sleep after watching a scary movie?




Her frame is gigantic. Her hands are immense.
The moment the day dawns, her labors commence.
No manifesto determines her actions.
She doesn’t subscribe to man’s rules or factions.

Silent and rugged or noisy and splendid,
everything everywhere in her is blended.
She cleans up our messes and creates our splendors:
our challenges, races, environments, genders.

We think we’re in charge, but this brands us naive.
For each thing we mess up, there’s a trick up her sleeve.
As we seek to improve her, we tell ourselves lies.
She bats us away—as annoying as flies.

Our air churns in fury, our polar caps moan.
She tries to instruct us to leave them alone.
Like recalcitrant children, we refuse to mind—
as we play at our game of destroying mankind.


The prompt words today are rugged, silent, manifesto and immense.  Here are the links:


3:00 A.M.


3:00 A.M.

I think I’ve reached my limit. Not one inch left to pack,
and since I leave in just six hours, it’s time to hit the sack.
Ta ta to all my blogging friends, I’ll soon be on the wing.
All I have to do is edit, correct, “save” and ping!!!!

Hasta La Vista.  Tomorrow I’ll be writing to you from a different country.


Gradual Justice


Gradual Justice

Life metes out a gradual justice that we may not  see.
Not choreographed for one lifetime, not designed for you or me,
but rather, for the planet or the universe.
There’s no way to avoid it, circumvent it or rehearse.
We’re a part of something larger even as we make mistakes
as nature covers over the snafus mankind makes.
Great men may be jaunty, swelled up with their great plan,
but nature has more problems than looking after man.
She has the heart of all within, seeing a scope broader
than the needs of man or any other great marauder.
There is just so much for any of us. When we grab for more,
we can be pretty sure we may be headed out the door.
What species will replace us, or how will we evolve
if we don’t act quickly our problems to resolve?
Even all technology is part of nature’s plan.
Perhaps it’s written that robots will take the place of man.
Micro chips for healing and mechanical hearts
are only the beginning. They are only the starts.
Species that overgraze domains bring about their endings.
So it may be with us with all our diggings and our vendings.
Machines poisoning our air and putting poisons on our shelves
May only be the means of making more room for themselves! 


The prompts today are justice, heart, jaunty and gradual. Here are the links:

More on Road Rage


On Friday morning, I wrote a poem about where fury drives us and then, ironically, a few hours later I witnessed this incident of road rage: 


 Friday we were in Tonala and about to cross (walking) at an intersection when we heard a horn blaring. One car honked its horn and then zipped around the car in front of it, cutting it off, and crossed the road in front of us. Then the car it had passed started blaring its horn and sped after it. The car in front parked in the middle of the street, blocking the other car, which honked at it to move. The woman in the front car came barreling out of her car, yelling, ran back to the car behind her, reached through the window and slapped the driver in the face. This caused the driver’s husband to come barreling out of his car and the husband of the car in front to come running to defend his wife. Then the driver of the rear car exited, but unfortunately forgot to turn off her car or set her hand brake and the rear car went crashing into the front car! When we drove back by 5 minutes later there were two police cars, an ambulance and what looked like a swat team handling the matter. Talk about road rage!!! (We knew the ambulance was unwarranted unless the battle escalated after we left.)