Present in the Present

The Prompt: Advantage of Foresight—You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, if at all?

Present in the Present

A while ago I posted a poem entitled “Unwrapped Packages” that contained these lines:

“Who wants these mysteries revealed before their time?
What value in the present whose contents you already know for sure?”

I still feel the same way. I do not want to know the future. I can barely deal with the present! I think that the true pleasure of life lies in not knowing what will happen next. Well, possibly with the exception of now and then knowing what “The Daily Prompt” will be ahead of time so I could just sleep in some mornings! I’d have to hire someone to post them for me, so I could write my post the day before and then just “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz” away as the hoards rise at the crack of dawn to be first or second or third to post.

Living in the present is a present that we get to open anew each day!

10 thoughts on “Present in the Present

  1. grieflessons Post author

    Thanks, Martha. You have a lot to deal with right now but there is excitement in that as well. I lived in Wyoming for 12 years, counting time spent in university as well as time teaching there, so Colorado was our playground. Know you grew up there, so you’ll have the double pleasure of rediscovering old pleasures and finding new ones. Judy


  2. Ann O'Neal Garcia

    I totally agree about living in the present. But…when I am writing about the past, which I do a lot of these days, I am living in the past/present. I like that, too. I do not want to know the future, though I am kind of pessimistic about our chances…I watch the news, ache for all the suffering people, but then go along enjoying the pleasant life I was lucky enough to inherit this time around!


  3. grieflessons Post author

    I know. I think we have an obligation to keep safe some vestige of a happy world by living it!! Our turn will come, but until it does, that and trying to deal as positively with our immediate world is something we can do when so much in the world is beyond our ability to change. xo J


  4. Paula

    This is a fun musing Judy. When I go through rough patches I would give anything to know what future holds needing reassurance that it will pass soon and be resolved for the better, but I agree – the trick is to live in the present and that can be done only if we don’t worry ourselves with the future.


  5. LRose

    I’m having fun going back through folk’s original WP DP responses. I used to read prompts first thing in the morning as well and then let it roll around in my head throughout the day before sitting down to write at night. I found out that very few people read what I wrote when I was one of the last to post. And almost nobody would read it if I posted the next day (except those who follow my blog for its own sake, and not because of WPDP or TBP). So I did the get-up-early post-first-thing for a while, but that started to feel like the tail wagging the dog, so I stopped. I still get up early, but use that time for whatever inspires, including house chores.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I used to exercise every morning and just get around to writing when the spirit moved me. I decided to reverse things and so for the past 16 months, I’ve written every morning. I actually start reading the last posts posted since they now post them first. I figure those people are still hanging around if they’ve recently posted and might have a look at mine as well. They used to put the first postings first, but I like this new method better.

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