The Sweet and Bitter Lie


This is one of 15 creches I’ve constructed of unaltered natural items I’ve found on the beach. For some reason, I am captivated by the gentle side of Mexico best symbolized by her obsession with the Virgin of Guadalupe. I’ve seen motorcycle leathers with an image of Guadalupe on the back! I’ll publish pictures of the others soon. I know. A seeming contradiction to the words I’ve posted below, but perhaps one or the other view is just a sweet little lie!

The Prompt: Sweet Little Lies—As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

The Sweet and Bitter Lie

I think the sweetest little lie we tell ourselves and our children is that of a beneficent and caring God. This belief and the religion that stems from it  is our way of comforting ourselves. It is totally aside from reason. How else could we look at a baby turtle struggling to swim for the first time plucked up and swallowed by a hungry pelican, or a baby suffering with cancer or a horribly deformed child and think, “This is the product of a caring Father?” We all must conclude, if we make use of our senses at all, that nature is impartial and serves only its own cycle. There is no kindness in nature, other than her beauties and comforts; but even they all serve a purpose: to survive against all odds, and to kill or at the very least to depend upon the death of other organisms in order to do so.

I do acknowledge that Religion is probably necessary for many who do not think far enough to recognize the sweet lie. For those who use it to create more compassion for others, I applaud the end. But right now it seems as though religion is being used more as a weapon and political ploy than for the “good” side of its coin.

I don’t know how I align my agnosticism with my belief that there is some sort of incredible synchronicity going on in the world. This is a topic for another day, I guess.

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7 thoughts on “The Sweet and Bitter Lie

  1. 509majesty

    I may not believe in “God”, but I do hope that those in my life who have passed are there to guard my daughter. Religion can be beautiful, it’s people who screw it up! Contradiction of personal ideology, but it gives me hope.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I, too, have this hope and have felt it at times. In fact, I wrote a book about it. I do hope spirit exists and it was what I was talking about in yesterday’s poem. I don’t think it can be as simple as most religions have it to be, however. I guess where spirituality and science meet is what I’d like to understand. I tried with “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” and it didn’t do it for me. I guess quantum physics is as near to the mark as anything. Judy


  2. FCM

    Perhaps the deformed child doesn’t think of himself as deformed. We attach that label. The baby turtle struggles then is eaten and the pelican can go on living. We attach the “ah, poor turtle” thought, not the turtle. So, I don’t know if God is the lie, but maybe our definition of God-Source-Infinite Universe-Nature is the lie. Anyway, good post. Very thought provoking.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes, FCM. I agree completely with your God-Source-Infinite Universe_Nature statement. It is the ascribing of human characteristics to that universal source with which I. Also, with the fact that “some” believe they are the voice of that God when all too often they are as far from its source as it is possible to be. What we call ourselves is not always what we are. Thanks for making the monologue a dialogue! And thanks for reading….Judy

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  3. angloswiss

    I am a total atheist, so I prefer to base my belief on logic, even if it is my own. And I am also losing my belief in the gods of WordPress, they seem to have lost the thread an the ping backs somewhere.



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