Use it or lose it is advice that you might find
in books of pithy phrases or others of their kind.
Though trite, it seems to really work in matters of the mind,
which we should always try to use when we are in a bind.

Unfortunately, panic too often enters in
and takes the place of where our minds really should have been.
Our fears and doubts and terror creating such a din,
distracting us and so we lose what otherwise we’d win.

“I’ve lost my mind” are words that I have often overused.
(Another phrase the use of which is really much-abused.)
And although exaggeration is a sin widely excused,
it’s hyperbole when meant to mean that we are just confused.

I don’t think  we had these problems when we were in our prime.
Our minds were so much emptier and we had so much time.
We used our minds for calculus or conjuring up a rhyme.
Our wheels were always spinning and could turn upon a dime.

But later on in life our minds are full to overflowing.
We remember where we’ve been but often forget where we’re going.
We try to still go fast when it is fact we should be “Whoa” ing.
and letting life evolve away from simply being knowing.

A baby sleeps within the womb and out of it as well.
He ruminates and plays for years before the school bell.
And so perhaps re”tire”ment is a story we retell–
recalling us to rest and play  before that final knell.

The Prompt:  Use it or lose it.

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