Abroad in Retrospect

Three new friends came home with me from the Ajijic Writers’ Conference and we spent the late afternoon and evening drinking wine, eating potstickers and asparagus and having an even greater feast of words.  In the course of the evening’s conversation, someone asked why I had stayed for a year and a half in Ethiopia, and if you’ve read my earlier blog entries about my African experiences, you will know the tale I told.

They are all three successful and much-published writers and enthusiastically encouraged me to write a book about those years.  Everyone had organizational ideas and it got me to thinking again.  Could I do this?  It would mean much research, and so I think if I were offered a year abroad that I would choose Ethiopia so I could revisit old locales and do research in the place that would be the setting for the book.  Will I do it?  We’ll see.  (Write the book, I mean.  I fear the research will be conducted at my desk at home.)

The Prompt:  If you were asked to spend a year abroad, where would you choose?

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