Tax Time is Most Taxing

Tax Time is Most Taxing

I don’t like doing taxes. I’d rather eat a rat.
I saved all my receipts for sure but don’t know where they’re at.
I should have printed up reports and put them on a spindle,
for now I cannot find out what I’ve taken in from Kindle
or Amazon. Their tax sites are really just a maze.
After roaming them for hours, I fear I’m in a haze.
Money spent for doctors and dentists must be here.
I’ve even asked a Ouija Board that says I’m getting near
to where they remain hidden under piles of other papers.
If I lived in another age, I know I’d have the vapors.

The time that I have left is surely waning and not waxing.
And things just keep on getting worse–for tax time is most taxing.
Next year I will do better.  I’ll start out nice and early
and tax time will be easier and I will be less surly.
I’ll pat myself upon the back for files filled with slips
alphabetical and neat–no coffee spills or rips.
I will know to the penny what I spent on medicine.
I’ll save up all my dentist bills, fastened with a pin.
All my insurance payments and social security
will be neatly filed–correct from A to Z.

But as to this year’s taxes, I fear I’m out of luck.
I shake my head over the forms and murmur “What the – – – -?
I do not want to do this.  I fear I’m in a mess.
I want to write a letter to the I.R.S.
giving them my bank account and telling them my pin,
for I fear my patience is growing rather thin.
“Just take whatever cash you need and leave enough for me
to live upon ’til I expire in two thousand-five-three.”
Instead, I go back to my desk to sort another pile.
Please don’t e-mail, phone or text. I’m busy for awhile!!

The Prompt: Set It To Rights–Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.

14 thoughts on “Tax Time is Most Taxing

  1. Tamara

    You bet! Down to the last dregs of this myself, but I keep remembering more write-offs! Such a tangled mess. And as for 2015….we’re already 4 months into the year, so I’m already behind!

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  2. mariaholm

    I like your black kind of humor! It’s horrible to look for things you can’t find. What about keeping the receipts electronically? Then you don’t have to pin them


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hold on to that man!!! My husband added up a column once for me…got it wrong and when I said he needed to check his work, he said, “Well you can make me do it, but you can’t make me do it right!” Needless to say I did the taxes after that. I now hire someone but still have to find the correct papers and dealing with Amazon and Kindle is a nightmare..impossible to find the figures.


  3. mgm75

    Oh, I didn’t think about doing that for the Daily Prompt and just left it. A good one! I have been more organised this year and kept and recorded everything as I go. I even have an Excel file summing up all my income and expenses, including my profit! Mostly, I wanted to figure out whether I would trigger the threshold to pay National Insurance (the tax we pay for pension and healthcare). That was likely until my laptop gave up the ghost at the weekend and I had to buy a new one. I feel ready and I won’t get the tax return form for another month, and even then I have until next January to complete it!


  4. lifelessons Post author

    Is “here” in Singapore? Are you a citizen there? I don’t mind paying the taxes as much as having to collect the information. Longer I live the most I hate doing anything routine–be it making my bed daily to paying my taxes and insurance or registering my car yearly. Guess that is how my rebel side comes out as I am sooooo well behaved otherwise. (?) Judy



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