An Unquiet Home

An Unquiet Home

The confrontation mounts in stages:
her angry words, his silent rages,
until the kids have all been supped,
put to bed and been tucked-up.

Then behind their bedroom door,
he and she begin their roar:
“You always . . . ” are her words of choice
erupting in her blaming voice.

She’s splitting hairs, he contradicts.
It’s not as bad as she depicts.
The few times that he deigned to stray,
no matter what she now might say,

were exceptions to his usual rule.
He’s keeping track.  He is no fool.
It’s hard to get it up these days.
and so sometimes perhaps he sprays

where he shouldn’t. He’s sorry  for it.
Why is it that she can’t ignore it?
But still her words she must repeat:
“Why can’t you simply raise the seat?”

She shakes her head.  He starts to cringe.
He’ll get the can and oil the hinge.
It will be easy to raise the seat.
He’ll keep it dry.  Pristine and neat.

And so he does upon the morrow
find the solution to her sorrow.
He puts the seat up silently
before he deigns to take a pee.

But lest you think the battle’s done,
in truth I fear it’s just begun.
Later, when she takes her turn
she emerges with a look most stern.

His hands go up in consternation.
Now what’s the cause for her oration?
More shouted words.  More angry frown.
Why can’t he put the loo seat down?????

The Prompt: A House Divided–Pick a divisive issue. Write a two-part post in which you approach the topic from both sides.

8 thoughts on “An Unquiet Home

  1. okcforgottenman

    A proposed resolution:

    Why do men feel the urge to stand?
    It’s not just women who so demand
    to keep the floor and rim and seat
    free of splash, clean and neat.

    I live alone; it falls to me
    to keep my toilet clean and free.
    And so I choose to always sit;
    no fuss, no muss, of splash no whit.

    And when I’m blessed a woman’s visit
    it’s really not a problem, is it?
    See then there is the added bonus:
    When the seat stays down, there is no onus!

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