Stink Think


Stink Think

Scotch broom makes me nauseous. Roses make me sneeze.
I abhor the scent of jasmine on an evening breeze.
Room deodorants should be banned, as should scented candles.
I’d rather smell my brother’s sneakers or a vagrant’s sandals.

Now that we want each thing to smell like something it is not,
there’s a different odor on everything we’ve got.
There’s perfume in detergent, in dryer tabs and soap.
Scented toilet paper makes we want to mope.

Unscented’s getting almost impossible to find
It leaves allergic folks like me in a real tight bind.
Gardenia in my hand lotion or chamomile or peach.
Hairsprays  smell as fresh as air or like a summer beach.

Floor cleaners smell like forests of freshly gathered pine,
as though without this pungent scent our floors would smell like swine!
These odors leave me gasping and running for some air.
Their vapors make my eyes run, causing much despair.

I do not want my table waxed with lemon or “fresh scent.”
I believe that everything should smell as nature meant.
I’ve done a lot of research, and  I’m fairly sure
that perfumes out-stink everything they’re meant to obscure!

The Prompt: Smell You Later–Humans have very strong scent memory.  Tell us about a smell that transports you.


11 thoughts on “Stink Think

  1. Lola

    Wow! You covered a lot of territory here. It’s all toxic, no matter which route it takes to enter the human body. I have a sort of opposite experience (but not really) to share, if I ever get to posting it before the end of today!


  2. janebasilblog

    I was in love with a man once – yes, I have truly loved only once. To me he smelled of sunshine and hard work. These days it would be hard to find someone who smelled so wonderful, because men cover up their natural fragrance with deodorant and aftershave.
    I’m glad I am no longer young. I’d never find a man to love.


  3. carmelasnelbaker

    As I am reading this it has made me wonder….Why have I never heard anyone complain about a nasty smell causing them to have allergies, headaches or such? I do agree with you when it comes to a powerful aroma that is in a place where it is not naturally to be, but the past several days where I live there is a beautiful smell of honeysuckle. When I step outside my door, It grows in abundance it the wooded area behind my house, each year I can not wait till it blooms! There truly is nothing more beautiful than the fragrance of nature where it naturally belongs!
    With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know, Carmela. I always think that others must smell something totally different from what I smell when I smell flowers. Night blooming jasmine and orange blossoms are the worst. I, too, have honeysuckle and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t even notice the scent. When my plumeria is in bloom it does bother me but it has a weaker scent than some and is so beautiful that I keep it.


  4. CJ Lewis

    I agree! All those scented products smell like chemicals to me (because I have environmental sensitivities). Sometimes I just shake my head. Why would someone want to smell like that? ie A burning bar of soap smell, anyone? But, I guess it smells different to them :o)

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