Number One !!!! (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Frida is queen of the castle. High up on the dome, she is the “One.” But what could she be looking at?


This is definitely a possibility, but no, I snapped this picture in the U.S., of a dove perching solo on the neighbor’s chimney.


Who is Frida surveying from her “oneness” atop the dome? It’s Morrie, the interloper, who has learned to climb the stairs but not how to negotiate the slippery incline to the dome’s top.


So he had to make do with negotiating the flat border around the dome, where he contemplated jumping down to the teja awning over my bedroom door before I finally saw him and urged him over to the other side, where the stairs down to mother earth were. So Frida remains solo in her domain, as she has always liked it to be.

Other “Ones”


What chance has any dog of finding this fire hydrant in the tall grass of such an isolated spot?


“But I just had one beer, officer!”

4 thoughts on “Number One !!!! (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

  1. lifelessons Post author

    Steff was a bit worried he might fall but he looks pretty cautious to me. He is certainly a dear. He’s sleeping right under my chair, as close as can be, right now.



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