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The Doggone Doggie Blues: dVerse Poets

The Doggone Doggie Blues

The naughty dogs who leave their marks when jumping up on me.
The naughty bruises that remain, spreading their stains on me.
I cannot stop this rudeness. I cannot find the means.
I cannot stop their tugging at my blouse sleeves and my jeans.

Unruly little denizens of my humble home,
they range wherever they may choose on terrace and on dome.
They jump up in the hammock when I choose to swing.
They jump up on my visitors to see what they might bring.

They dig into my planters and eat the tasty loam.
They even dig into my sleep to bring their mother home
from dreams where she evades them, living her own life
away from doggie pressures, away from doggie strife.

What pleasures might she find anew living all alone?
What pleasures might they miss for which her conscience would atone?
All in all, they make up for the problems that they bring.
All in all, their lonesome howls to sirens are the thing
that swell her heart and make her want to join along and sing.

I wrote this for the dVerse poets Anaphora/Epiphora prompt, but unfortunately missed the deadline. Been there before, will be there again, no doubt. At any rate, here it is for the world at large!

But, just had a brainstorm and posted it on the dVerse Poets Open Link Night, where we can post any poem on any topic. Tardy but still within the law!. Here is a link to others who published poems for Open Link Night.




An open window, an open door
from a block away or more,
may leak a song whose melody
brings forth a long-lost memory.

Its strains may bring a prompt detection
of an overlooked reflection—
that abrupt awareness of
those substitutes for human love.

A cat, a dog, a garden full
of beauty that exerts its pull—
diversions that can take the place
of a well-loved absent face.

So we fill in each empty spot
where each loved-one, alas, is not,
making do with what what’s around—
those near-distractions that we’ve found.

Prompts for today are substitute, abrupt, reflect and music.

I spent all day trying to fight off a migraine. Soon after I woke up I lost half my vision—could only seen the right side of my head by turning my head sideways.  I took a couple of caffeine pills, hoping that it was the beginning of a migraine—fearing the alternative more. My vision eventually came back but a nagging little headache persisted so I took more caffeine, tried to eat around 3 but had terrible indigestion and more of a headache. Finally, I took an Extra-Strength Tylenol along with a Coke, which I knew would give me arm and/or leg cramps, but it was preferable to a full-strength migraine. Went down to the hammock with an audible book so I could close my eyes, Morrie jumped up on my lap and Diego hung his head over the side of the hammock seeking my other hand. I pulled my cowl neck over my head to avoid their stinky bodies and breaths (bath-time is in order) and finally, blessedly, fell asleep. Aroused by a phone call from a good friend, after hanging up, I was seized by a massive foot cramp, got up and stamped it out and came up to the house where the pups and kitties were glad to finally have their meal a few hours late. Not the best day in the world but it brings me to the reason for telling you my woes, other than your sympathy—that being the reason why I haven’t yet written and published my poem for the day. So, finally, at 8 in the evening, here it is.


Looking in, Looking out: Thursday Doors, Nov 5, 2020

Click on photos to enlarge.

I snapped the first photo with my phone one late night/early morning, returning to my house from the studio. The second is my studio from my chair, the third is Morrie and Diego coming to tell me it is midnight and time to bome back up to the house. If they aren’t inside the studio, they are usually as close to the door outside as possible, and never fail to come to try to lure me up to the house at midnight. The fourth photo is looking out from my studio to the lake and the third is perhaps not quite legit. Does a doorway qualify as a door?

For Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Top Dog (For Sunday Stills)



For Sunday Stills: Top Dog



First of all, I have to explain that I live in a Mexican house with 20 ft. high domed ceilings and rooms that serve as perfect echo chambers. Also, that the plumeria tree is in bloom directly in front of my typing table and although it is beautiful, I am allergic to it. The result is that I’ve been letting out 4 or 5 tremendous sneezes per day that echo through the rooms and sometimes hurt my own ears. The climax came today when I sneezed and every dog in the neighborhood started barking–my two included!!!




When Cars Stop, Sticks Will Do!!!

When Cars Stop, Sticks Will Do!!!

A dog just needs something to chase and lacking a car to chase, given a friendly arm to throw it, sticks work just fine.  Those bottles, by the way, are not trash.  The fishermen were using them to hold up ropes keeping the water hyacinth back to open a channel.

Click on first photo to enlarge all.



For the Six Word Challenge

Tongues and Tails

Tongues and Tails

Click on first photo to enlarge all, please. 

For Cee’s B&W Tongues and Tails challenge.



Dogs following their masters, close upon their heels.
Dogs waiting under tables, patiently, for meals.
Dogs sitting at attention or looking for their balls.
Dogs patiently waiting for their masters’ calls.

Dogs upon the sofa, shedding all their hairs.
Dogs listening for a certain car, on the front porch stairs.
Some dogs travel as luggage. Others stay at home.
When masters get their leashes out, that’s when they get to roam.

Sitting on the rooftop or waiting in their lairs,
some dogs live as singles. Others roam in pairs.
Strolling ‘round the pool or sunning at the beach,
one dog or another is rarely out of reach.

Some dogs simply have to finish what they start.
First it’s just a little tug, but soon things fall apart.
Then they get in trouble for what was meant as fun.
That’s why they look so innocent after they are done!

Why were they given teeth at all If they weren’t meant to use them?
It wasn’t their intention, when they started, to abuse them!
Their collars and their leashes incite their excitation
as harbingers of their favorite recreation,

but other types of collars are labelled cones of shame.
Hard for dogs to understand that they are not to blame.
So many different types of dogs and different types of masters,
but all agree their good points atone for their disasters.

(Click on any photo to enlarge all.)


For Ragtag’s prompt, “Dog“.

Studies of Pabu: Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pets

This is my friends Allenda and Tony’s  darling dog Pabu. Limiting colors to black and white does not alter him at all. Click on photos to enlarge.



The prompt this week is pets.