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State of Zoe: New Duds

When last we saw Zoe, she was in a. funny little outfit designed by her mother to keep her from continuing to pull out the stitches from her spaying. What a dilemma. Vet office closed, computer tech on the way, what was a mom to do? I called Zoe’s groomer who had to pass my house anyway on his daily drive back from his business in Ajijic to Guadalajara, where he lives, so I asked him to bring a cone, hoping it would keep her from totally disemboweling herself. You saw the result which I will duplicate at the end of this blog, but yesterday I took Zoe to the vet to have her check her out and she had a better solution to the problem. Here is thoroughly modern Zoe, transformed from sunbonnet girl to a stylish gym suit model. She’s soooo cute and no more nibbling at her stitches. Here is Zoe now:
She has no objection to her new attire. Not so with Mom’s former solution to the problem:

Which look do you prefer? Luis, the computer tech guy who was one of three of us needed to pin her down to clothe her in her former protective attire said she looked like something from “Little House on the Prairie.”

If you want to read more about her funny little outfit above and how it came to be, go HERE.

Looking for Oscar

Yesterday, torrential morning rains kept Oscar away from his usual Friday morning visit to walk the dogs. Zoe sat by the door for most of the morning, whining and  hoping for his arrival. This morning, she did the same. Poor baby. She won’t be walking on Monday, either, as she is scheduled to be spayed. I’ll take her for a walk today.

What do you think?

Is it time for a new bed for Zoe?  This is a photo taken today:

And this is a photo taken a couple of months ago in the same bed:

Look how tiny she was compared to my hand.

But, here is a photo of Frida when she first came to live with me:

She looks pretty tiny too, and this is the size she ended up being:

This is what Forgottenman said to me when I jokingly asked him if he thought I should invest in a larger bed: “She’ll need one eventually when you realize her grandfather was a St Bernard. Maybe get her a bigger bed now and put them side by side. Let Zoe decide.”

As you can see in the photo above, Frida and Diego were the same size. Now see this photo of Diego and Zoe together so you can see how large a very small dog (such as Frida was when she was the size of Zoe) can become:

And Zoe and Diego and Morrie’s walking buddy, Oscar. Finally, she gets to go along.

The Plot Thickens

See this dog??

And see this dog?

Can you tell which one is Zoe? The first photo I found on a site about Chiweenies–evidently the new “it” dog with breeders. This Chihuahua/Dachshund hybrid supposedly produces all kinds of mixtures of the two breeds, but the cutest I saw was Zoe’s. So, folks, I think it is pretty definite that I am the proud mama of a Chiweenie!

Hate to admit I’m still having problems remembering Zoe’s name, let alone her breed. Better choice than a Dachshuahua, though, don’t you think?

7 A.M.


7 A.M.

Their rebuke is most benign.
Cats yowl protest. The dogs all whine.

As outside dogs slip into gear,
Zoe wakes up and bites my ear.

Their stomachs are a timetable
that I will meet if I am able.

I drag myself out of my bed.
If only I could sleep instead!

The hour that I hit the hay
I fear was not so far away.

Three hours of sleep or perhaps four
were all I had. Surely, not more.

Just as I thought to jump sleep’s hurdle
I remembered, “Daily Wordle!”

Grabbed computer, filled every square,
weeding out vowels my only care.

Wordle in five or four or three?
I cannot sleep until I see.

But later, morning comes too soon
as animals begin their croon.

I move to kitchen to feed cats,
open the door, put bowls on mats,

fill with kibble and with wet 
catfood, and they still their fret.

Move to back door, feed each dog
different portions, mind in fog.

Zoe inside, big dogs out,
fends off pilfering and pout.

What I gain in remuneration
is their ceasing excitation.

Whines replaced by scraping beat
of metal dishes on concrete,

clicking jaw and lapping tongue
as cats and dogs both old and young

enjoy results of their design.
Then, back to bed as they all dine!

Prompt words today are concrete, remuneration, design, rebuke and timetable.


Zoe’s Doppelganger

Kirk and I saw this incredibly well-behaved dog in a restaurant. She sat upright on this chair for an hour and never moved or begged for food. As far as I could see she never blinked. But, she looked exactly like Zoe would look if she were twice her present size. What do you think? When I remarked on her behavior, her human said that she had not been feeling well. She is a rescue and one of 12 dogs he and his partner have. And 54 cats!  I now feel less a martyr to my 3 dogs and two cats. The second shot is of Zoe a couple of weeks ago. The first and third  are of her doppelganger. Zoe would have been in the middle of my plate in seconds.

“F” is for Friends

Zoe seems to attract friends wherever she goes.

For CMMC–The letter “F.”