Favorite Quote: Day 2


Peruvian children, Amazon River trip.

“We acquire the strength we have overcome.”
                                                                                –Ralph Waldo Emerson

In some primitive cultures, it was believed that if you ate the heart of an enemy, you acquired his strength.  I stop short of this, but I do know that standing up for ourselves or others in spite of our fears does strengthen character. I think this is what Emerson is talking about. One of my greatest weaknesses is, I know, wanting to be liked by all. Now and then, however, I have rebelled and  stood up for what I believed in spite of popular opinion or in rebellion against the powers that were at the time. Luckily, all usually came out well even though I chose to put myself at risk. Then, back to a comfortable life.  Not for me the perpetual picket line or protest.  The rest of the time my pen is my placard.

8 thoughts on “Favorite Quote: Day 2

  1. Olga

    Your last sentence triggered a revisiting of an occasion years ago in high school when I spontaneously wrote a poem expressing my anger with certain ‘female bullies’ and this poetic effort was surprisingly posted in our graduating year book. “My pen is my placard.” So true. Nice piece of writing.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’m well past picketing, but I think I’m just coming into my own as far as not really caring if someone likes me or not. Obviously, we all want approval from friends and those we love and respect, but I no longer need it from everyone. Age gives emotional independence — probably the biggest gift of getting older.

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      1. Olga

        It’s in the process of being published right now and there’s a link to your Day 2 quote. The task was to expand on my comment that I shared yesterday, so you might very well get more traffic sometime today. I guess you’ll see any comment directly made on your page and further ones, if any, on my page, I usually get more likes than comments.



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