Favorite Quote: Day 3: Wanderlust


A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. ~George Moore

This quote says succinctly what I have been saying to friends lately.  I no longer feel the push to travel but would rather stay home and think and write.  At first this made me feel old and then I started to realize that it is in the natural order of things to seek and then reflect.  It is not just a question of energy, but more a matter of the direction of one’s curiosity.  The more I traveled, the more I found that things do not vary that much.  Everywhere I’ve gone, the same personalities are sprinkled over the landscape.  Only the landscape and the percentages change.  Once you’ve found a place where there are the greatest number of people who appreciate you for who you really are, you have found home.  Then the task is to go inwards. That is where the real journey exists.

7 thoughts on “Favorite Quote: Day 3: Wanderlust

  1. lisaannhardy65

    I love this quote. It’s funny how we think everything is better “over there” …that we’ll be happy “When I get here or I get this…” When all along we carry true happiness within ourselves.

    “We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory.” ____ Bernard Williams

    Thanks for your post!

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I really appreciate this post. We just cancelled our trip to northern Maine … with regret and yet without regret. We wanted to go, but Garry isn’t really up to it … and I couldn’t figure out what we would gain from a change of scenery, especially since we are far more comfortable at home. We have one more big trip planned for January, but over all, I’d rather be home in my own bed, with my dogs and the computer and the comfort of home. Maybe it IS age related, but if it is, it is fine with me.

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