Upset Hat

Upset Hat

It’s just a piece of cardboard rolled into a cone.
It really doesn’t make me look like a witchy crone.
I think it’s just a party hat—not really very scary.
It will not cause a single soul to commit hari-kari!

These masks are a formality– they really aren’t inspired,
but last year we liked our costumes ‘cause our grandmas both conspired
to make them more original, but this year just our dad
had time to help and so we know we’re looking kind of sad.

And after all his fussing and running out the door,
we find that all the candy’s gone and so we’re kind of sore.
They gave us bags of potato chips. They haven’t any candy.
And that is why our faces show that we’re not feeling dandy.

Don’t flip your lid, our papa said,
for you are better than that.
So I am trying to be cool…
It just upset my hat!

I used this prompt generator to generate the prompt “Upset Hat”  Try it it is fun!

6 thoughts on “Upset Hat

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes…I like these weird prompts created by Jennifer’s site. I decided to go with the first one that came up. It’s fun to search for a method in the madness…and much more creative than WP prompts have been lately.

      Liked by 1 person


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