Happy Things: Sunday Stills

Happy Things


Working in my art studio makes me happy, although I haven’t done so for almost a year.  I wonder why?  Too caught up in blogging, I fear.  I need to consider that question in the upcoming months.
IMG_5344 copyWhat I make in my studio.  “Juguetes.”
DSC05397Trees make me happy.  Especially palm trees that provide shade but don’t block the view!!!  And create a beautiful view all their own.

DSCN2469I love entertaining friends and family at my house.DSC05291 (Including those who won’t let me take their pictures as well as those who do.)

IMG_3969 (1)Friends who are there to greet me every time I come home.
DSC08846And their friends, as well.
IMG_3606And, of course, blogging makes me very happy, so if you are reading this right now, you are one of the things that makes me happy, too!

The Prompt: What Makes You Happy? *

25 thoughts on “Happy Things: Sunday Stills

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes. I mixed the color! I mixed all the colors of my house as I couldn’t find the exact ones i wanted. I’ve never gotten tired of the yellow/goldish/orange color


      1. lghoelson

        You mentioned being a counselor at the Methodist Camp. That place had quite a history as one of the wildest dance halls in the county at one time. We lived a half miles from there, this was during the Second World War, everybody at the dance hall seemed to be fighting all the time. The owners daughter took care of us kids. The place was sold to the Methodist Church in the late 40s I believe, so they became the only church in the area with a beer license. You wouldn’t know the place now there must’ve been several million dollars spent there almost everything is new except the original hall where they danced and had meetings in later years.

        I seem to be finding my way around this blog place I little better but have much to learn getting my site set up right.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Is it still owned by the church and is there still a summer camp there? Did you know Roger Thomas–the methodist minister in Arlington, I believe, or his son John? I always had a bit of a crush on John, whose cousins lived on a farm near Murdo and who came to our church. A fun, rowdy bunch.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes, although it is too tiny (the studio) to entertain many at once. A couple of times a year I have friends over for art activities and I just bring supplies and tools up to the main house. I had dreams once of extending my studio into my spare lot next door, but suddenly it just seemed like too much planning and hard work…I’d rather play with the art itself than in expansion. These are the days to be simplifying rather than complicating.

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