So, Who’s Laughing???

So, Who’s Laughing?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?” Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

I think some things are definitely off-limits. Child molestation, child abuse and animal abuse, for instance. Racial jokes, jokes about physical infirmity and weight, jokes about appearance, starvation, torture, atrocities against women–none are on my list of what should be joked about.

Some types of humor that would be totally unacceptable to me, however, seem to gain acceptance according to the person who tells the joke. If you are telling it about yourself and a group you belong to, jokes that would not be acceptable told by someone else, suddenly win acceptance. But I can think of no situation where a joke about child molestation, child abuse or animal abuse would be in the least bit acceptable!

6 thoughts on “So, Who’s Laughing???

  1. kim scaravelli

    I can laugh at almost anything. In fact, I think that sometimes the most horrible things in the world need to be laughed at, if only to take away a little of their power. That said, I personally never laugh AT anyone. There seems to be a lot of humour out their that is based on laughing AT someone who behaves badly, stupidly, or naively, and for me, jokes that are at someone’s expense only make me uncomfortable… not amused.

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  2. lghoelson

    A life without humor sounds like a life with a lot of acid reflux. Our daily living experiences provide plenty of humorous happenings. Most of the people on Facebook for example share happenings, some funny, in their daily lives. A great way to keep in touch with their long-lost cousins and friends. It is a good way to keep them informed on what is happening in each other’s lives. One person can come along and toss a so-called humorous stink bomb into the mix. It begs the question, “are some people so unhappy they will purposely cause others to come down to their level?” We have to grin and forgive, in our land of free speech.
    Cyber technology, has a high cost when users get lost. I wrote a post several years ago, “Is The Internet Good Or Bad For Democracy.” An open ended story.



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