R.S.V.P.: Partying with Best Friends

R.S.V.P.: Partying with Best Friends

For four good friends, if they would come,
I’d just serve wine and Coke and rum.
Three would have to travel far
and couldn’t come by foot or car.

On the plane, while flying in,
they’d begin their  life of sin––
ordering drinks to get in training.
Meanwhile, airline food disdaining.

Only one could get here quickly.
She could be here lickety splickly.
We’d have a bit of wine and rum
so when the others finally come,

we’d be caught up and go right on
and keep this up till all are gone.
Gone my friends and gone the wine.
Time to get back into line!!!!!

On the run to get the the Feria, but you know who you are!!!   https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/rsvp/ Plan the perfect party for someone you like best.

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