Soft Focus: A Photo a Week Challenge


Soft FocusIMG_8259IMG_8224

IMG_7966 (1)


Version 2


The intent of this challenge was to encourage us to soften focus.  I enjoyed playing around with the in-the-dark image of these two white burros, but the results are perhaps too bizarre.

7 thoughts on “Soft Focus: A Photo a Week Challenge

  1. Glenda Martin

    Those burros are enchanting. LOVE the color. Now hold that thought. First I responded to the lacework pattern of softened black birds and limbs. THEN when I saw the burros, immediately my inner artist went to pattern, arranging and/or scattering multi colored burros fit in around each other any which way, sometimes with images flipped, And then, with those little colored splotch/dots I filled in empty spaces for balance or just a color surprise. Inspiring. Thanks! If it were not for the dreaded learning curve, I would photo-shop it, it is so compelling in my mind. Guess I’ll just enjoy the thought.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I just bought a waterproof camera for the beach. Every time I go, I end up ruining a camera–Either I dip it in seawater trying to get a closeup of a jellyfish or get sand in the lens closings or the sea air just clunks up the lens closure. So..I got a waterproof one!!!



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