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Not What It Seems


You have probably never made the same mistake that Kukla made, but before you giggle at her flub, can you guess what the other three objects are? Points for both the correct guess and  the most humorous guess. I’ll tell you the correct answers tomorrow.

Click on photos to enlarge and see captions giving possible answers.

For the A Photo A Week Prompt: Not what it seems.

Interesting Objects: Nature’s Art


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The first tiny sculpture  of a bear attached to a branch of driftwood is exactly as I found it on a branch on the beach. I haven’t colored or shaped it in any manner. Nature’s sculpture. The second photo is of a lamp made of elements found in nature by my husband, Bob Brown. The shade of handmade paper made from tree bark and liana was made by me.

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Interesting Objects


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A Photo a Week, Gateways

A Photo A Week Challenge: Open

Anything closed can be opened and anything open can be filled, be it the last space in a picture puzzle, an open basket, a piece of hollow bamboo. and open basket or a drainpipe. Flowers open, a dog’s ears perk up, open and listen, mouths open, wings open, and we in turn fill our eyes with all of these openings.

For A Photo A Week Challenge: Open