Dakota Diction

Dakota Diction

In the little town where I grew up,
instead of “yes,” we all said, “Yup!”
When we removed a soda top,
what we drank was called a “pop.”

When we drove off the road a bit,
we went into the “barrow pit.”
The mud was “gumbo”–rich and thick––
and every creek was called a “crick.”

Breakfast was never labeled brunch,
and “dinner” was what we called lunch.
Therefore, at night, our picker-upper
was never dinner.  It was “supper.”

Highway patrolmen were all “cops,”
and their cars were  “cherry tops.”
On movie nights, we saw the “show”
for just ten cents–which we called “dough.”

We told stray dogs that they should “git,”
and when they scampered off a bit,
the place where they commenced to wander
was what we labeled “over yonder.”

I fear it’s not spectacular,
this prairie states vernacular;
and because our listeners never balked,
we thought it was how all folks talked!

Non-Regional Diction:Write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/non-regional-diction/

25 thoughts on “Dakota Diction

  1. Gradmama2011

    I love this! Perfect rhyme, I like that! As you did the list of words, it almost invariably jibed with my own vocabulary. I’m an Ohioan, but I guess I picked up my own ways of speech through my travels and places I’ve lived. Drinking “pop” is usually the first speech-ism I think of…we still say pop but some of us (family) say “soda.”

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha…I was from South Dakota. At first I thought, “There is no dialect in S.D.” Then I started trying to think of words that were pronounced or used differently and finally had enough for a poem. Do they say barrow pit in N.D.?


  2. Scott

    You’ve written a winner. When I was in the service I heard it all. Water was werder. Oil was oral. You folks was you’ens or youseguys, or ya’ll.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      The other thing I realized that I still say is “yore” instead of “you-err” for your or you’re. Perhaps everyone does, but it started bothering me when I was playing Mexican Train with a friend and kept saying, “Yore turn!” when I was finished playing.


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  4. lifelessons Post author

    Thanks for the pingback, Murdo Girl!!! I feel kind of backgroundless since you have claimed the title of Murdo girl exclusively for yourself. I’m thinking of becoming Murdo Toddler! Guess Murdo Teen is a possibility, as well. Time overlap but no title usurping


  5. lifelessons Post author

    Does anyone know the identity of these two men? The photo was taken in the parking lot of the truck stop near the cemetery in Murdo a little over a year ago.



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